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Sandberg, Karl C.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Knowing Brother Joseph Again : The Book of Abraham and Joseph Smith as Translator Sandberg, Karl C. 1989 Journal Article 14 19
Getting Up a History of Monroe : The Long Shadow of the United Order Sandberg, Karl C. 1996 Journal Article 3 0
Mormonism and the Puritan Connection : The Trials of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson and Several Persistent Questions Bearing on Church Governance Sandberg, Karl C. 1994 Journal Article 1 0
Telling the Tales and Telling the Truth : Writing the History of Widtsoe Sandberg, Karl C. 1993 Journal Article 1 0
Modes of Belief : David Whitmer, B. H. Roberts, Werner Heisenberg Sandberg, Karl C. 1988 Journal Article 0 0
Whither (Mormon) Scholarship Sandberg, Karl C. 1998 Journal Article 0 0