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Lynn, Karen

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Sensational Virtue : Nineteenth-Century Mormon Fiction and American Popular Taste Lynn, Karen 1981 Journal Article 9 0
'God's Base of Operations' : Mormon Variations on the American Sense of Mission Blanke, Gustav H.;Lynn, Karen 1979 Journal Article 8 4
The LDS Hymnal : Views on Foreign Editions Whipple, Weldon;Lynn, Karen;Guinaldo, Norberto;Gobin, Raymond C.;Whipple, Walter L. 1975 Journal Article 3 4
Courtship and Romance in Utah Territory : Doing Away with 'The Gentile Custom of Sparkification' Lynn, Karen 1980 Book Chapter 2 0
Our LDS Hymn Texts : A Look at the Past; Some Thoughts for the Future Lynn, Karen 1975 Journal Article 0 0
Measuring the Achievement of the New LDS Hymnal Lynn, Karen 1985 Journal Article 0 0
Singing Praise : The LDS and RLDS Hymnals Lynn, Karen 1984 Journal Article 0 0
The 1981 RLDS Hymnal : Songs More Brightly Sung Lynn, Karen 1983 Journal Article 0 0