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Toscano, Margaret M.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Strangers in Paradox : Explorations in Mormon Theology Toscano, Paul J.;Toscano, Margaret M. 1990 Book 17 0
The Missing Rib : The Forgotten Place of Queens and Priestesses in the Establishment of Zion Toscano, Margaret M. 1985 Journal Article 13 0
Is There a Place for Heavenly Mother in Mormon Theology? : An Investigation into Discourses of Power Toscano, Margaret M. 2007 Book Chapter 9 0
Put On Your Strength, O Daughters of Zion': Claiming Priesthood and Knowing the Mother Toscano, Margaret M. 1992 Book Chapter 8 192
Beyond Matriarchy, Beyond Patriarchy Toscano, Margaret M. 1988 Journal Article 5 6
If Mormon Women Have Had the Priesthood Since 1843, Why Aren't They Using It? Toscano, Margaret M. 1994 Journal Article 3 12
"Are Boys More Important than Girls?" : The Continuing Conflict of Gender Difference and Equality in Mormonism Toscano, Margaret M. 2007 Journal Article 2 8
Movement from the Margins: Contemporary Mormon Women's Visions of the Mother God Toscano, Margaret M. 2012 Book Chapter 1 11
In Defense of Heavenly Mother: Her Critical Importance for Mormon Culture and Theology Toscano, Margaret M. 2022 Journal Article 0 8
If I Hate My Mother, Can I Love My Heavenly Mother? Personal Identity, Parental Relationships, and Perceptions of God Toscano, Margaret M. 1998 Journal Article 0 2
Men and the Priesthood Toscano, Margaret M. 2020 Book Chapter 0 23