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Thomasson, Gordon C.

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What's in a Name? Book of Mormon Language, Names, and [Metonymic] Naming Thomasson, Gordon C. 1994 Journal Article 14 0
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Mosiah : The Complex Symbolism and Symbolic Complex of Kingship in the Book of Mormon Thomasson, Gordon C. 1993 Journal Article 9 3
The Manifesto Was a Victory! Thomasson, Gordon C. 1971 Journal Article 6 7
Teaching across Dispensations : A Comparative Religions Perspective on the Challenges of Being a Worldwide Church Tullis, F. LaMond;Thomasson, Gordon C. 1978 Book Chapter 3 0
Lester Bush's Historical Overview : Other Perspectives Thomasson, Gordon C. 1973 Journal Article 2 0
Foolsmate Thomasson, Gordon C. 1971 Journal Article 2 0
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"Renounce War and Proclaim Peace" : Personal Reflections on Mormon Attempts at Peacemaking Thomasson, Gordon C. 2012 Book 1 1
Togetherness is sharing an umbrella : Diving Kingship, the Gnosis, and Religious Syncretism Thomasson, Gordon C.;Ricks, Stephen D.;Lundquist, John M. 1990 Book Chapter 1 1
Lamanites Thomasson, Gordon C. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 3
Choosing Our Language After We Choose a 'Language of the Church' Sorenson, John L.;Thomasson, Gordon C.;Madsen, Harold S. 1974 Book Chapter 0 0
Mormon Ethics and Peace Thomasson, Gordon C. 2010 Encyclopedia Article 0 0