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Canning, Ray R.

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The Genteel Gentile : Letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857-1858 Canning, Ray R.;Beeton, Beverly;Cumming, Elizabeth 1977 Book 20 0
Mormonism and Birth Planning : Discrepancy between Church Authorities' Teachings and Lay Attitudes Reynolds, Charles H.;Canning, Ray R.;Hastings, Donald W. 1972 Journal Article 5 0
Mormon Return-from-the-dead Stories : Fact or Folklore? Canning, Ray R. 1965 Journal Article 3 0
Changing Patterns and Problems of Family Life in Provo, Utah--1905-1955 Canning, Ray R. 1956 Dissertation 3 0
A Lady's View of Utah and the Mormons, 1858 : A Letter from the Governor's Wife Canning, Ray R.;Cumming, Elizabeth 1955 Journal Article 1 0
My Continuing Quest : Sociological Perspectives on Mormonism Canning, Ray R. 1996 Book 0 0
A Social-Psychological Approach to Mental Health of Proselyting Missionaries Canning, Ray R.;Sellars, Marie L. 1971 Journal Article 0 0
Politics of Extremism Canning, Ray R.;Landa, Esther;Skousen, W. Cleon 1981 Journal Article 0 0
An Index of Utah's Brain Drain Canning, Ray R.;Lothrop, Dennis C. 1969 Journal Article 0 0
An Experiment in Classroom Cheating Canning, Ray R. 1955 Journal Article 0 0
Courtship and Wedding Patterns of Three Generations of Mormons Canning, Ray R. 1956 Journal Article 0 0
Family Changes in Mormon Culture Canning, Ray R. 1957 Journal Article 0 0