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Treasures to Share Westenskow, Melvin 1948
Was the Book of Mormon Based on the Spaulding Manuscript or Ethan Smith’s View of the Hebrews? Blumell, Bruce D. 1988
Jacob’s Ten Commandments Welch, John W. 1992
The Sermon at the Temple and the Sermon on the Mount: A Latter-day Saint Approach Welch, John W. 1990
The Execution of Zemnarihah Welch, John W. 1992
The Melchizedek Material in Alma 13:13-19 Welch, John W. 1990
The Destruction of Ammonihah and Law of Apostate Cities Welch, John W. 1992
Ammon and Cutting Off the Arms of Enemies Lundquist, John M; Welch, John W. 1992
The Book of Mormon and the Heavenly Book Motif McNeely, Brent E. 1992
Concrete Evidence for the Book of Mormon Welch, John W; Wells, Matthew G. 1992
The Last Words of Cenez and the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1994
Botanical Aspects of Olive Culture Relevant to Jacob 5 Hess, Wilford M; Fairbanks, Daniel J; Welch, John W; Driggs, Jonathan K. 1994
Graft and Corruption: On Olives and Olive in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean Gee, John; Peterson, Daniel C. 1994
Vineyard or Olive Orchard? Tvedtnes, John A. 1994
Words and Phrases in Jacob 5 Welch, John W. 1994
Was Helaman 7-8 an Allegorical Funeral Sermon? Welch, John W. 1992
Climactic Forms in the Book of Mormon Parry, Donald W. 1992
The Sermon at the Temple Welch, John W. 1992
Decorative Iron in Early Israel Welch, John W. 1992
Antithetical Parallelism in the Book of Mormon Parry, Donald W. 1992
The Olive Tree and the Work of God: Jacob 5 and Romans 11 Faulconer, James E. 1994
Since Cumorah Nibley, Hugh W. 1988
The Prophetic Book of Mormon Nibley, Hugh W. 1989
‘O Man Remember, and Perish Not’ Mosiah 4:30 Midgley, Louis C. 1992
‘This Day' Welch, John W; Parry, Donald W; Ricks, Stephen D. 1992
A Masterpiece: Alma 36 Welch, John W. 1991
Abinadi and Pentecost Welch, John W; Thomasson, Gordon C; Smith, Robert F. 1992
Alma 36: A Masterpiece Welch, John W. 1991
Ammon and the Cutting Off the Arms of Enemies Welch, John W. 1992
Ancient Burials of Metal Documents in Stone Boxes Wright, H. Curtis 1990
Benjamin’s Speech: A Classic Ancient Farewell Address Welch, John W. 1992
By Study and Also by Faith 1990
Chiasmus in Helaman 6:7-13 Welch, John W. 1992
Chiasmus in Mesoamerican Texts Christenson, Allen J. 1992
Columbus: By Faith or Reason Hardy, Grant 1992
Dancing Maidens and the Fifteenth of Av Welch, John W; Smith, Robert F; Thomasson, Gordon C. 1992
Directions in Hebrew, Egyptian, and Nephite Language Hamblin, William J. 1992
Exemption From Military Duty Welch, John W. 1992
Getting Things Strai[gh]t Welch, John W. 1992
How Long Did It Take Joseph Smith to Translate the Book of Mormon? Welch, John W; Rathbone, Tim 1992
Joseph Smith: ‘Author and Proprietor' Welch, John W. 1992
Kingship and Temple in 2 Nephi 5-10 Lundquist, John M; Welch, John W. 1992
Language Themes in Jacob 5: The Vineyard of the Lord of Hosts Is the House of Israel (Isaiah 5:7) King, Arthur Henry 1994
Law and War in the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1990
Lehi’s Counsel Vision and Mysteries of God Welch, John W. 1992
Mormon and Moroni as Authors Keller, Roger R. 1992
Mormon's Agenda Hardy, Grant 1992
Nephi's Bows and Arrows Goff, Alan; Welch, John W. 1992
No, Sir, That’s Not History! Welch, John W. 1992
Number 24 Welch, John W. 1992