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In the Kitchen Laboratory\Dunford, Hazel Love Recipes 1915-12
In the Kitchen Laboratory\Dunford, Hazel Love Recipes 1915-11
Maraschino Sauce\Toppings, Desserts: general; Recipes 1932-12
Christmas Pudding\Desserts: general; Recipes 1932-12
Hot Cherry Punch\Beverages; Recipes 1932-12
Cloverleaf Rolls\Bread; Recipes 1932-12
Mayonnaise Dressing\Dressings; Recipes 1932-12
Cranberry Jelly Salad\Salads; Recipes 1932-12
French Fried Potatoes\Potatoes; Recipes 1932-12
Veal Loaf\Meats; Recipes 1932-12
Clear Tomato Soup\Soups and stews; Recipes 1932-12
Plain Pastry\Pastries; Recipes 1932-11
Pumpkin Pie\Pies; Recipes 1932-11
Parker House Rolls\Bread; Recipes 1932-11
Roquefort Cheese Dressing\Dressings; Recipes 1932-11
Salad\Salads; Recipes 1932-11
Cinnamon Apples\Fruits; Recipes 1932-11
Stuffing (Roast Turkey)\Bread; Recipes 1932-11
Roast Turkey\Meats; Recipes 1932-11
Cranberry Frappe\Beverages; Recipes 1932-11
Lemon Pie\Pies; Recipes 1932-10
Butter Scotch Rolls\Bread; Recipes 1932-10
Autumn Salad\Salads; Recipes 1932-10
Baked Squash\Vegetables; Recipes 1932-10
Cream of Pea Soup with Tomato\Soups and stews; Recipes 1932-10
String Beans\Vegetables; Recipes 1932-09
French Dressing\Dressings; Recipes 1932-09
Ice Box Butter Cookies\Desserts: general; Recipes 1932-09
Apricot Fluff\Fruits; Desserts: general; Recipes 1932-09
Baking Powder Biscuits\Bread; Recipes 1932-09
Baked Ham with Sweet Potatoes and Apples\Meats; Recipes 1932-09
Peach Shortcake\Cakes; Recipes 1929-08
Lettuce and Cucumber Salad\Salads; Recipes 1929-08
Creamed Carrots\Vegetables; Recipes 1929-08
Broiled Tomatoes\Vegetables; Recipes 1929-08
Salmon in Mould\Seafood; Recipes 1929-08
Sponge Cake\Desserts: General; Recipes 1929-08
Sliced Tomato Salad with Mayonnaise\Salads; Recipes 1929-08
Apricot Cream\Desserts: Frozen; Recipes 1929-08
Corn on the Cob\Vegetables; Recipes 1929-08
Chili Sauce\Sauces; Recipes 1929-08
Cold Sliced Lamb\Meats; Recipes 1929-08
Oatmeal Cookies\Desserts: General; Recipes 1929-08
Orange Sherbet\Desserts: Frozen; Recipes 1929-08
Currant Jelly\Jams; Recipes 1929-08
String Bean Salad\Salads; Recipes 1929-08
Creamed New Potatoes\Potatoes; Recipes 1929-08
Veal Loaf with Peas\Meats; Recipes 1929-08
Wafers\Desserts: General; Recipes 1929-08
New Potatoes in Parsley and Butter\Potatoes; Recipes 1929-08