Leslie Norris Critical Bibliography

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[Biography of Leslie Norris's Educational Journey and Achievements] Unsigned Biography/BYU/Excellence Not noted
Phi Kappa Phi Award: G. Leslie Norris Unsigned Profiles
Murmurs from Out of the Darkness: Welsh Poet Leslie Norris Rejects Obscurity In Favor of Words That Mean What They Say Keahey, John Articles/Welshman/Rural/BYU/Orem/Dylan Thomas/Wales/Farm/Nature/Writing Not noted
Prominent authors, entertain, captivate local audience Payne, Karen Articles/Recap/Observation/Inspiration/Description Not noted
Poet to present writing workshop Unsigned Events/Writing workshop Not noted
[Norris's receipt of an Arts Council writing fellowship to the West Sussex Institute of Higher Education, Article about] Unsigned Articles/Awards/Writing fellowship Not noted
[Sequences and The Girl from Cardigan, Reviews of] Unsigned Events/Reviews/The Girl from Cardigan/Sequences Not noted
Elegy for an Old Man found dead on a Hill Norris, Leslie Poems/Fair copy
[Sequences, Review of] Pinkerton, C.F. Reviews/Sequences/Mountains, Polecats, Pheasants/Western landscapes/Time
Selected Poems, [Review of] Unsigned Reviews/Selected Poems Not noted
[Selected Poems, Review of] Hill, Greg Reviews/Selected Poems/Edward Thomas/Nature poems/Welsh Not noted
[Collected Stories and Collected Poems, Combined review of] Gramich, Katie Reviews/Collected Stories/Collected Poems/Patrimony/Themes Not noted
[Review of A Sea in the Desert, Review of] Adams, Anna Reviews/A Sea in the Desert/Nature poetry
Collected Poems, [Review of] Unsigned Reviews/Collected Poems/Dylan Thomas/Development Not noted
The Girl from Cardigan, [Review of] Stevenson, David Reviews/The Girl from Cardigan/Wales/Setting/Foreignness/William Wordsworth/Storytelling Not noted
A [sic] Girl from Cardigan, [Review of] Unsigned Reviews/The Girl from Cardigan/Childhood/Loss/Innocence/Transition/Everyday experiences
New Mormon Writing Brown, Marilyn Articles/BYU/Writing/Experience/Ernest Hemingway Not noted
Leslie Norris's Truthful Fields of Praise Unsigned Articles/Reviews/Walking the White Fields/Mountains Polecats Pheasants/Theory of poetry/Landscapes Not noted
[Commentary on Norris's Diction and Theme as compared to James Davies's] Unknown Articles/Reviews/James Davies/Language
The Girl from Cardigan, [Review of] Humphrey, Belinda Reviews/The Girl from Cardigan/Boys and men/intergenerational relationships/elegy/William Wordsworth
Revealing some eternal truths of the human heart Brunsdale, Mitzi Reviews/The Girl from Cardigan/Quality
Selected Poems, [Review of] Unsigned Reviews/Selected Poems/Meter/Natural world
"Sliding" By Leslie Norris, [Review and Analysis of] Jones, Glyn Reviews/Analyses/Sliding/Short stories/Scenes
Collected Stories, [Review of] Unsigned Reviews/Collected Stories/Natural world
Landscape for a Dream Norris, Leslie Poems/Fair Copy
Landscape for an Opera Norris, Leslie Poems/Fair copy
"Shaving" Norris, Leslie Stories/Publications
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and the art of singing Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich
Norris, Leslie
Broadcasts and CDs/Publications Not noted
[Leslie Norris, autobiographical sketch of] Norris, Leslie Autobiographies
The Halo Effect Beagan, Glenda Reviews/Collected Stories/Collected Poems/"Water"/"Keening"/Sweetness
Leslie Norris Handley-Taylor, Geoffrey Dictionaries and Encyclopedias/Articles 1958
Four Poets Press, John Articles/Reviews/Finding Gold/"Man and Boy"/"The Ballad of Billy Rose" April 5, 1967
Finding Gold Fuller, John Finding Gold/Reviews June 1967
On The Poetry of Leslie Norris Walker, Ted Articles 1967-1968
title? Unsigned
Norris, Leslie
Items yet to find Summer 1967
This World of Wales: An Anthology of Anglo-Welsh Poetry from the Seventeeth to the Twentieth Century Morgan, Gerald Books 1968
Leslie Norris, Poet Ormond, John
Ormond, John
Video Recordings/Interviews 1970
Leslie Norris Jones, Glyn
Murphy, Rosalie
Chapters/Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 1970
Norris, Leslie Jones, Brynmor Bibliographies 1970
Homage with a Vengence Eagelton, Terry
Norris, Leslie
Reviews/Vernon Watkins, 1906-1967 April 23, 1970
Leslie Norris Kay, Ernest Dictionaries and Encyclopedias/Articles 1970
The Poetry of Leslie Norris Adams, Sam Articles 1971
Leslie Norris Yates, J. V. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias/Articles 1971
Some Locals Molesworth, Charles Reviews/Ransoms/"Old Voices"/"Early Frost"/Thomas, Dylan May 1972
The Poety of Leslie Norris--An Interim Assessment Jenkins, Randal Articles 1972
Leslie Norris Kay, Ernest Dictionaries and Encyclopedias/Articles 1972
Poetry at the Casson: 'Womb to Tomb' and 'Timeslip' Jones, Glyn Articles/Reviews/"Dead Boys"/"Finding Gold"/"Early Frost"/"The Ballad of Billy Rose"/Griffiths, Bryn/Clarke, Gillian 1973
A Reader's Guide to Wales: A Selected Bibliography Stephens, Meic Books/Bibliographies 1973
In Retreat to the Edges Garfitt, Roger Articles/Reviews/Mountains, Polecats, Pheasants and Other Elegies/"At Usk"/"Stone and Fern" October/November 1974
'EmbusquÈ Havens': New Poetry Dunn, Douglas
Norris, Leslie
"Moondaisies"/"Traveling Through the Dark"/"Mountains, Polecats, Pheasants"/Mountains, Polecats, Pheasants and Other Elegies/Reviews April 1974