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[Norris's Receipt of the Madeleine Award, , Article about] Not noted Articles/Awards/Utah/Madeleine Award [1999]
Leslie Norris Tribute Judd Tributes/Generosity
Poet will speak Thursday Unsigned Events/Live reading/Writers at Work [1987]
Professor Leslie Norris "Alternative Worlds" Unsigned Events/Thesis/BYU/Observation [1983]
Poetry creates worlds, Norris tells Y audience Thornton, Connie Articles/Creating worlds/Philosophy of composition/Observation/Experience [1983]
Writer to speak at forum Unsigned Events/Thesis/Observations/Worlds of poetry [1983]
title? Westover, Daniel
Westover, Daniel
Books 2011?
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Painting for Story: Creation is Confrontaton for Well-loved Utah Artist Fulton, Ben Articles January 23, 2010
Letter from Wales Adams, Sam Articles/Biography/Collected Poems/Collected Stories/Merthyr Tydfil 2009
Leslie Norris Unsigned Online Resources 5 March 2010
Embodying Indentity: Representations of the Body in Welsh Literature Roberts, Harri Garrod Books/Thomas, Dylan 2009
Dannie Abse: A Sourcebook Archard, Cary Books 2009
Unknown Westover, Daniel//Crisler, Jesse S. Articles/Journal Issues 2009 and 2010
Editors' Preface Westover, Daniel//Crisler, Jesse S. Articles 2009 and 2010
With a Gentle but Perceptive Eye: Leslie Noriris, A Chronology Grierson, Sirpa Articles/Chronologies 2009 and 2010
Seven-Garden Welshman Sings the Desert Green Thornton, Deb Articles 2009 and 2010
Lost Boys, Lost Language: Leslie Norris and Welsh Bardic Traditions Gramich, Katie Articles 2009 and 2010
A Norris Monologue Buchert, Rob//Burchert, Georgia//Thornton, Deb Articles 2009 and 2010
Walking the White Fields Larsen, Lance Articles 2009 and 2010
Be-Longing: Translating Leslie Norris's Meaningful Distance Brown, Stephen Articles 2009 and 2010
A Welsh Poet 'In Retirement': Leslie Norris as Bard in the Mountain West Prothero, James W. Articles 2009 and 2010
Disturbance and Insight: Glyn Jones and Leslie Norris's Short Fiction Peach, Linden Articles/Jones, Glyn 2009 and 2010
Numbering the Days Makuck, Peter Articles 2009 and 2010
Textual Variants in the Poetry of Leslie Norris Jarvis, Matthew Articles/Textual Criticism 2009 and 2010
Leslie Norris: Poet of Wales Collins, Michael J. Articles 2009 and 2010
Teacher Merrill, Christopher Articles 2009 and 2010
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Leslie Norris and the Extinction of Place Lloyd, David Articles 2009 and 2010
'Madonna of the Rocks' Pugh, Sheenagh Articles/Poems/Elegies 2009 and 2010
'These Are My Ghosts': Leslie Norris and the Dead of Winter Westover, Daniel Articles 2009 and 2010
'Dubious Affinities': Leslie Norris's Welsh-English Translations Thomas, M. Wynn Articles/Translations 2009 and 2010
An Interview with Leslie Norris Pack, Gene Articles/Interviews 2009 and 2010
In Memoriam Leslie Norris Parkinson, Richard Articles/Elegies 2009 and 2010
Forum: Leslie Norris and Exile Prothero, James Articles Spring 2008
Books: The Insider Finch, Peter Reviews November 8, 2008
Kitty Was Intelligent and Cultured; Poet's Widow Dies, Aged 88 Evans, Catherine Mary Obituaries/Kitty Norris December 16, 2008
Leslie Norris: The Complete Poems, edited by Meic Stephens, Introduction by Patrick McGuinness Stephens, Meic
Norris, Leslie
McGuinness, Patrick
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Leslie Norris's Water Voices [Introduction] McGuinness, Patrick
Norris, Leslie
Leslie Norris: The Complete Poems/Chapters/Water Voices 2008
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Norris, Leslie
Leslie Norris: The Complete Poems/Chapters 2008
title? Westover, Daniel Theses and Dissertations 2008?
Catherine Mary Morgan Norris Unsigned Obituaries/Articles Thursday, November 27, 2008
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Corcoran, Neil
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias/Chapters 2007
'Key Figure' for a Generation of Welsh Poets Dies at 84 Clark, Rhodri//Carey, Paul Obituaries April 11, 2006
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Leslie Norris Unsigned Obituaries June 24, 2006
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