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Rebmann, Martina "Denn Fremdling sein ist Künstlers Los auf Erden" : zu Leben und Werk der Karlsruher Komponistin Clara Faisst (1872-1948) 2001 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Smith, Michael "His master's voice": recordings: 'BD' series: Magenta Label: a discography 1992 Discography--Label Book
Krenn, Herbert "Lenz-Blüthen" : Joseph Lanner : sein Leben, sein Werk 1994 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Stagg, Tom
Crump, Charlie
"New Orleans, the revival" ; a tape and discography of Negro traditional jazz recorded in New Orleans or by New Orleans Bands 1937-1972 1973 Discography--Jazz Book
Brunner, Philipp "Profane Leidenschaft" : explorative Studie zur Soziologie des Sammelns am Beispiel von Plattensammlem in Wien 2002 Music Librarianship Book
Heller, Martin "So leite mich denn Gottes Hand…" : Pater Matthäus Fischer und der Eglinger Ölberg 2000 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Kaufmann, Michael Gerhard "…ich hätte mir die Zunge lieber abgebissen, eh' ich dem Richard Strauss erzählt hätte, dass ich auch kompniere…" : Margarete Schweikert (1887-1957) in Karlsruhe 2001 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Berry, Peter E. ... And the hits just keep on comin' 1977 Discography Book
Collot, Serge
Hadjaje, Paul
Vasseur, Jean-Philippe
Toutain, Sabine
10 ans avec l'alto : catalogue raisonné 1995 Printing Repertory Guide--Viola Book
Beltrando, Sylvie
Le Du, Corinne
10 ans avec la harpe : catalogue raisonne propose par c1996 Repertory Guide--Harp Book
Brunschwig, Chantal 100 ans de chanson française 1972 Repertory Guide Book
Houben, Jean-François 1000 compositeurs de cinéma : dictionnaire 2002 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Gregory, Hugh 1000 great guitarists 1994 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Smith, Chris 101 Albums that changed popular music 2009 Discography--Popular Music Book
Osbeck, Kenneth W. 101 more hymn stories 1985 Synopses-Analyses--Church Music Book
Balanchine, George 101 stories of the great ballets 1975 Dance Synopses-Analyses Book
Balanchine, George
Mason, Francis
101 stories of the great ballets 1975 Ballet Synopses Book
Londeix, Jean-Marie 125 ans de musique pour saxophone: répertoire général des oeuvres et des ouvrages d'enseignement pour le saxophone. 125 years of music for saxophone; general repertory of pieces and educational literature for the saxophone 1971 Repertory Guide Book
Vogg, Herbert 1876-1976, 100 Jahre Musikverlag Doblinger 1976 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Fuld, James J. 18th-century American secular music manuscripts : an inventory 1980 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Docks, L. R. 1915-1965 American premium record guide : 78's, 45's and LP's : identification and values c1986 Discography--Price Guide Book
Victor Talking Machine Company 1925 catalog of Victor records : with biographical sketches, opera plots, new portraits and special red seal section c1925 Discography--Label Book
Carl Gregor, Duke of Mecklenburg 1970 supplement to international jazz bibliography and international drum and percussion bibliography 1971 Music Bibliography--Jazz Book
Carl Gregor, Duke of Mecklenburg 1971/72/73 supplement to international jazz bibliography (IJB) & selective bibliography of some jazz background literature & bibliography of two subjects previously excluded 1975 Repertory Guide--Jazz Book
Wilkins, Wayne 1974 supplement to The index of violin music (strings) (1973) and The index of violin music (winds) (1974) : including the index of baroque trio sonatas 1975? Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Wilkins, Wayne 1976-1977 supplement to The index of bassoon music 1976 Repertory Guide--Bassoon Book
Weichlein, William J. 19th century American music periodicals on microfilm : the guide 1987? Periodical Index Book
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 19th-century American sheet music Music Collection Online Website
Duggan, Mary Kay 19th-Century California sheet music Music Collection Online Website
Pirie, Peter J. 20th century British music : a collector's guide 1980 Discography Book
van Rijen, Onno 20th century Soviet composers Discography--Composer Website
Gleason, Harold
Becker, Warren
20th-century American composers c1980 Music History Book
Marx, Eva
Haas, Gerlinde
210 Österreichische Komponistinnen vom 16. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart : Biographie, Werk und Bibliographie : ein Lexikon c2001 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Alburger, Mark 21st-century music Electronic Journal Website
Société des amis et descendants d'Ulric Voyer 220 e-libretti and more : collection Ulrich Voyer 1999 Music Collection Online Website (Archived)
Hunt, John 3 Italian conductors, 7 'Viennese' sopranos : discographies 1991 Discography--Performer Book
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers 30 years of motion picture music : the big Hollywood hit tunes since 1928 1960 Discography--Film & Television Book
Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein 40 contemporary Swiss composers 1956 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
DeClark, Dan 45 RPM records of Ohio River Valley 2001 Discography--USA Website
Young, Phillip T. 4900 historical woodwind instruments : an inventory of 200 makers in international collections 1994 Music Bibliography--Musical Instruments Book
Adams, John S. 5000 musical terms : a complete dictionary of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and other such other words, phrases, abbreviations, and signs 1851 Dictionary Musical Terminology Book; eBook
Bunge, Sas
Schoute, Rutger
60 years of Dutch chamber music. 60 annees de musique de chambre neerlandaise. 60 Jahre niederlaendische Kammermusik. [1913-1973] 1974 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Bruyninckx, Walter 60 years of recorded jazz, 1917-1977 1980 Discography--Jazz Book
Bruyninckx, Walter 70 years of recorded jazz: 1917-1987 1987 Discography--Jazz Book
80 years of American song hits, 1892-1972 : a comprehensive yearly reference book listing America's major hit songs and their writers c1973 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Interalliierten Musik-Leihbibliothek, Berlin 98 Amerikanische Komponisten und ihre Werke in der Interalliierten Musik-Leihbibliothek 1947 Music Collection Catalogue Book
Cymbron, Luísa A Arte musical 1873-1875; 1890-1891 c1996 Periodical Index Book
Rosenberg, Kenyon C. A basic classical and operatic recordings collection for libraries 1987 Discography--Price Guide Book
Rosenberg, Kenyon C. A basic classical and operatic recordings collection on compact discs for libraries : a buying guide 1990 Discography--Price Guide Book
Bayne, Pauline Shaw A basic music library : essential scores and books 1983 Music Librarianship Book