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Main Author Title Date Category Type
Disques de longue durée : supplément semestriel 1940 Discography Book
Dmitri Shostakovich 2011 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Enciclopedia della musica c1963 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
George Perle : a catalog of works 1991 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Gramophone classical catalogue 1979 Discography--Label Book
György Ligeti, Verzeichnis der veröffentlichten Werke stand Dezember 2000 = List of published works up to December 2000 2000 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Hofmeisters Jahresverzeichnis Book
Igor Strawinsky : a complete catalogue of his published works = un catalogue complet de ses oeuvres publiées = ein vollständiges Verzeichnis seiner veröffentlichten werke 1957 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Il Mondo della musica : enciclopedia alfabetica con ampie trattazioni monografiche 1956 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Index to the complete works of Rimsky-Korsakov 198-? Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
International who's who in popular music c2004 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Internationale Musikdramatik 1971 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Opera Book
Internationaler biographischer Index der Musik : Komponisten, Dirigenten, Instrumentalisten und Sänger = World biographical index of music : composers, conductors, instrumentalists and singers 1995 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Internationales Verzeichnis der Generalvertreter von Musikverlagen = Liste internationale des représentants exclusif des éditeurs de musique = International list of the sole agents of music publishers 1940 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Laszlo Lajtha : quelques œuvres 1954 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Le bibliographe musical 1969 Music Bibliography Book
Liszt holographs in the Library of Congress 197-? Music Collection Catalogue Book
Max Reger Werke 1953? Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
MLA index and bibliography series Music Index-Catalogue Book
Mojo collection : the ultimate music companion ; brought to you by the makers of Mojo magazine 2007 Discography--Popular Music Book
Music for junior and senior classes 1950 Repertory Guide Book
Music for the clarinet 19-- Repertory Guide--Clarinet Book
Music for the people c1978 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Music in print annual supplement 1979-1986. Music Index-Catalogue Book
Music in print master composer index 1995 1995 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Music industry directory 1983 Directory Book
Musical compositions by LDS composers in New York City Library Collections c2002 Music Collection Catalogue Book
Musik 1959 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Orchestral music in print. Master index 1994 1994 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Organ music in print. Master index, 1997 1997 Repertory Guide--Organ Book
Phaidon book of the ballet 1981 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Ballet Book
Pronouncing dictionary of musical terms and composers' names : a quick and convenient source of information on musical meanings and pronunciations. 1976 Dictionary Musical Terminology Book
Records in review c1957 Discography Book
RISM-Bibliothekssigel : Gesamtverzeichnis c1999 Music Index-Catalogue Book
Rodgers and Hammerstein fact book c1955 Synopses-Analyses--Musicals Book
Sacred choral music in print, second edition. Arranger index 1987 Repertory Guide--Choral Music Book
Sacred choral music in print. Master index, 1996 1996 Repertory Guide--Choral Music Book
Schwann artist : America's guide to classical performers 1996 Discography--Performer Book
Schwann artist issue Discography Book
Schwann artist issue (Boston, Mass. : 1986) 1986 Discography Book
Schwann artist issue. [Schwann artist issue (Boston, Mass. : 1986)] c1986-1989 Discography Book
Schwann inside jazz & classical c2000 Discography Book
Secular choral music in print. Master index 1993 1993 Repertory Guide--Choral Music Book
Secular choral music in print. Master index 1996 1996 Repertory Guide--Choral Music Book
Slovenská hudobná tvorba 1955 Music Bibliography Book
The classical good CD & DVD guide 2005, 2007 Discography Book
The Gramophone classical good CD guide c1995 Discography Book
The music index 1949 Music Index-Catalogue Book
The musician's guide 1954- Directory Book
The musician's guide : the directory of the world of music 1957 Directory Book