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Bianchini, Gigliola
Bosticco, Gianni
Liceo-Società Musicale "Benedetto Marcello" 1877 - 1895 ; catalogo dei manoscritti Music Collection Catalogue Book
Dulong, Gilles Ars nova française : guide de reserche sur les chansons Repertory Guide Website (Archived)
Caldwell, John Sources of keyboard music to 1660 Music Research Bibliography Book
Samuel, Harold E. Editions, historical Music Research Bibliography Article
Sartori, Claudio Finalmente svelati I misteri delle biblioteche italiane Music Scores Index-Catalogue Article
Schanzlin, Hans Peter Musik-Sammeldrucke des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts in schweizerischen bibliotheken Repertory Guide Article
Schanzlin, Hans Peter Musik-Sammeldrucke des 18. Jahrhunderts in schweizerischen bibliotheken Repertory Guide Article
Anderson, Gordon A. Notre Dame and related conductus : a catalogue raisonné Music Collection Catalogue Article
Cudworth, Charles Ye Olde Spuriosity Shoppe, or, put it in the Anhang Music Research Bibliography Article
Poladian, Sirvart
Hudson, Dale L.
Matursky, Patricia
Pinkowitz, Janet Rhoads
Henry, Barbara
Monokoski, Patsy Felch
Nagy, Kären N.
Index to music obituaries Music Research Bibliography Article
Waterhouse, David Hogaku preserved : a select list of long-playing records issued by Japanese record companies of the national music of Japan Discography--Label Article
Charles, Sydney Robinson Editions, historical Music Research Bibliography Article
Edwards, Warwick Sources of instrumental ensemble music to 1630 Music Research Bibliography Article
Ness, Arthur J. Sources of lute music Repertory Guide--Lute Article
Boorman, Stanley Sources, MS Music Research Bibliography Article
Samuel, Harold E. Sources, musical (Pre-1500) Music Research Bibliography Article
British Library - Bibliographic Services Division The British catalogue of music Music Scores Index-Catalogue Book
Hauptverband des Österreichischen Buchhandels Oesterreichische Bibliographie. Sonderheft--praktische Musik (Auswahl) Music Research Bibliography Book
Music Educators National Conference (U.S.) Selective music lists Repertory Guide Book
Hofmeisters Jahresverzeichnis Music Scores Index-Catalogue Book
MLA index and bibliography series Music Scores Index-Catalogue Book
Reed, Heidi Oboe methods and other important pedagogical resources : a bibliography Music Research Bibliography--Oboe Book
Nevejans, Inge Herman Roelstraete : thematische catalogus van het werk Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Congress on Research in Dance CORD membership directory Directory Book
Guitar Foundation of America Directory of members Directory Book
Clough, Francis F. Phonograph periodicals : a survey of some issued outside the United States Periodical Index Book
Dutton Solo and ensemble literature for keyboard percussion instruments Repertory Guide--Percussion Book
Leonard Bibliography of percussion titles Repertory Guide--Percussion Book
Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek Musiksammlung Alter Katalog der Musikdrucke [microform]/Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien, Musiksammlung Music Collection Catalogue Microform
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Musiksammlung Katalog der libretti Libretti Catalogue Microform
Sirén, Vesa
Hartikainen, Markku
Kilpeläinen, Kari
Murtomäki, Veijo
Tiilikainen, Jukka
Jean Sibelius : the website Composer Website
Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography
Rickover, Robert The complete guide to the Alexander technique Internet Portal Website
Mullenger, Len, founder & co-ordinator MusicWeb international : classical music reviews & resources Internet Portal
Münchener Digitalisierungs Zentrum Digitale Bibliothek Vogler, Georg Joseph (1749-1814) : Musikhandschriften Music Collection Online Website
Münchener Digitalisierungs Zentrum Digitale Bibliothek Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix - Werke Music Collection Online Website
Münchener Digitalisierungs Zentrum Digitale Bibliothek Liszt, Franz–Musikalische Werke Music Collection Online Website
Society for Musicology in Ireland Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland Electronic Journal Website
Ministério das Relações Exteriores Revista textos do Brasil Electronic Journal Website
Camus, Raoul F. Chronological listing of trumpet and bugle sources in EASMES Repertory Guide Website (Archived)
Colin, Marie-Alexis
Bidard, Jacques
Vendrix, Philippe
Patrimoine musical de la Picardie Encyclopedia-Dictionary
Music Collection Online
Music Scores Index-Catalogue
Cœurdevey, Annie Catalogue de la chanson française à la Renaissance Repertory Guide Website
Fabris, Dinko
Griffiths, John
Vendrix, Philippe
Le corpus des luthistes Music Collection Online
Music Collection Catalogue
Internet Portal
Magro, Agostino, director
Busnel, Marc, editor
Magro, Agostino, editor
Rossi, Francesco Rocco, editor
Le corpus des messes anonymes du Xve siècle Music Collection Online
Music Collection Catalogue
Freedman, Richard
Vendrix, Philippe
Les livres de Chansons nouvelles de Nicolas Duchemin, 1549-1568 Music Collection Online Website
Stipcevic, Ennio
Vendrix, Phillippe
Zara, Vasco
Renaissance music in Croatia Music Collection Online Website
Händel, Georg Friedrich G. F. Handels Werke Music Collection Online Website
Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine Portail de la musique contemporaine en France = French gateway to contemporary music resources Internet Portal
Music Scores Index-Catalogue
Johnston, Blair Edmund Rubbra (1901-1986) Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography
The British Library Victorian popular music Music Collection Online Website
Icking, Werner
Mondrup, Christian
Simons, Don
WIMA : Werner Icking music archive Music Scores Index-Catalogue
Internet Portal