Mormon Bibliography, 1830–1930

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4217 In memoriam; Emily Sophia Tanner Richards 1929]
4218 In memoriam. Horace G. Whitney. Biographical sketch, funeral ceremonies, resolutions of respect, editorials, personal tributes 1920
4219 In memoriam, Oliver Cowdery. Born: Wells, Rutland Co., Vt., 3rd October, 1806. Died: Richmond, Ray Co., Mo., 3rd March, 1850. Program of the dedicatory service and unveiling of the Oliver Cowdery Monument. Richmond, Missouri, Wednesday Morning, Ten O'clock, 22nd November, 1911 1911
4220 In memoriam, Spencer Clawson, Spencer Clawson Jr 1916]
4221 In the matter of Reed Smoot, senator-elect of the state of Utah. Protests of citizens of the state of Utah against the admission to the United States Senate of Reed Smoot, Apostle of the Mormon Church 1903
4222 Indbydelse til Guds Rige 1857
4223 Indbydelse til Guds Rige 1858
4224 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1860]
4225 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1861]
4226 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1862]
4227 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1873]
4228 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1876]
4229 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1877]
4230 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1880]
4231 Indbydelse til Guds Rige [1882]
4232 Indbydelse til Guds Rige 1896
4233 Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1865]
4234 Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1875]
4235 Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1878]
4235a Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1880]
4235b Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1884]
4236 Inbjudning till Guds Rike. Viktiga fragor rörånde frälsningen, besvardde med skriftens ord. Av Edwin F. Parry 1929]
4237 Independence Hall. The pioneers in providing for the social, educational and religious needs of the non-Mormons of Utah Territory. History of Independence Hall—A landmark in the development of Utah [1882]
4238 Independent Forum October 1929–March 1930
4255 An inquiry into the history of the originals of King James Bible; when were they written, where were they written; who wrote them; and how they have been preserved, and handed down 1868
4257 Intemperance; an appeal to the youth of Zion. The folly of drunkenness and the nobility of a temperate life compared. Figures that tell a fearful story. Examples from real life 1881
4266 Inter-mountain Christian Advocate [1903 – 1910]
4267 Inter-mountain Christian Endeavor [1897 – ]
4268 Inter-mountain directory. Listing stake and ward officials of the Los Angeles and Hollywood stakes, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [1928]
4283 Is divinity of Christ rock of Mormons? 1927?]
4283a Is God a respecter of persons? ca. 1920]
5522a The Mormon elders and the devils: a full exposure of an account of a terrific conflict between a Mormon elder and 319 devils; in which the latter were totally defeated, and two saints dispossessed: with specimens of other miracles performed by the Mormonites, or Latter-day Saints. Extracted from the "Millennial Star." By H. T. J 1853
4787e The Latter Day Saints (Mormons.) No. 1 ca. 1918]
4308 Jacob Hamblin. A drama in the early days of southern Utah played in four acts. Written and produced by (Rock Hamblin,) grandson of the famous old Indian scout. Under the direction of Helen Hamblin n.d.]
6785d Questions and answers upon the Word of Wisdom n.d.]
4318a James J. Strang 1918?]
4369 Jarman and the Mormons. Extract from the "Times." [1884]
4370 Jarman and the Mormons. Interviewing a Mormon from Utah [1889]
4372 Jarman and the Mormons. Interviewing a Mormon from Utah [1911]
4373 Jarman's "murdered" son [1889]
4374 Jarman's scenes of Mormon life! 600 lovely views shown. . . . [1881]
4770.5 Latter-day Saints and the Book of Mormon. Robt. M'Arthur, late elder of Latter-day Saints, will deliver, a lecture on the evening of Thursday first, 27th May, 1841, in the Exchange Room, Moss Street [1841]
4503 Joseph Smith, the prophet [1898]
4504 The Journal of Discourses November 1, 1853 - May 17, 1886
4505 Journal of History January 1908 – October 1925
4506 The Journal of Pedagogy December 1894 – February 1896
4507 A journey on the Mississippi River, being a lecture delivered before the Lyceum of the Zane Street Public School of Philadelphia. By a director, April 10th, 1847 1847
3166a The Encyclopædia Britannica. A dictionary of arts, sciences, literature and general information. Eleventh edition 1910
4511 Judgement! The word of the Lord, unto the members of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints," and all those unto whom these words may come [1900]
4514 Juvenile choir songs [1910]
4520 Kanada 1920–
4525 Te Karere. E tukua atu ana ia rua wiki e te Mihana o Niu Tereni Hahi o Ihu Karaiti o te Hunga-Tapu o nga Ra a Muri nei 1907–
4643 The Kinsman vol. 1–2, June 1897 - October 1898; n.s., vol. 1–2, no. 23, November 1898 - November 1900;
4685 Korrespondenten November 1890 – April 15, 1915
4686 Kort omrids af Mormonernes historie 1862
4687 En kortfattet analyse af Mormons Bog n.d.]
4692 Kvindens liv blandt Mormonerne. Et olevidnes beretning. Illustreret av Sverrer Knudsen 1912
5997a Om Mormonerne. I folkekalender for Danmark, femte aargang 1856
4694 Labors in the vineyard. Twelfth book of the faith-promoting series. Designed for the instruction and encouragement of young Latter-day Saints 1884
161a Andet brev til en ven om Mormonerne, af en Lægmand 1854
807a Et brev til en ven om Mormonerne, af en Lægmand [1853]
8996b Tredie brev til en ven om Mormonerne, af en Lægmand 1854
4787g The Latter Day Saints (Mormons.) No. 2 ca. 1912]
4747 The Lantern March 1891 - December 1891
4764c Latter-day judgments [1900]
4765 The Latter Day Precept August 1919–1920
4787f The Latter Day Saints (Mormons.) No. 1 ca. 1920]
4790b Latter-day Saints: The dupes of a foolish and wicked imposture. Part first [1850]
4790e Latter-day Saints: The dupes of a foolish and wicked imposture. Reprinted, with slight alterations, from a tract published by John Mason, 14, City Road, London 1853
4764d Latter-day judgments [1900]
4778 Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate October 1834 – September 1837
4784 Latter-day Saints Millennial Star and Monthly Visitor April 1854 - November 1854
4788 L.D.S. Music Bulletin 1921–1929
4790 L.D.S. Southern Star December 03, 1898 - December 01, 1900
7462d The S book 1913–
4820 Leaves from the book of life n.d.]
4872 Lekamlig uppståndelse [1893]
4879a A letter to those who have attended Mormonite preaching [1845]
4920 Library of universal knowledge; being a reprint entire of the last (1879) Edinburgh and London edition of Chamber's Encyclopedia, a dictionary of universal knowledge for the people 1880
4927a Light from the home paper of Hans Peter Freece, The Richfield Reaper, Thursday, May 28th, 1908. . . . [1908]
4923 The life and labors of Eliza R. Snow Smith; with a full account of her funeral services 1888
4925 The life of the emigrant: Great Salt Lake City, and Mormonism at home. By a Georgian 1854
4926 A life sketch of Mary Alice Cannon Lambert by her children 1908
4927 Light from the home paper of Hans Peter Freece, The "Richfield Reaper," Thursday, May 28th, 1908. . . . [1908]
5039a Luk Døren Mormonerne! Advarsel! 1907
5039b Luk Døren Mormonerne! Advarsel! 1911
4929 Light on Mormonism 1922–1950
4940 Lineal priesthood. [Extracts from sermons delivered at Independence, Oct. 11th, 1896] [1890 – 1899]
4941 Lines suggested on the death of Mrs. Elizabeth P. Crombie, formerly of Boston, Massachusetts. Who died July 20th, 1850 at 10 o'clock P.M., aged thirty-eight years [1851]
4947 Listen to the Voice of Truth 1844
4957 The Little World August 1890 –
4962 Lives of our leaders. Character sketches of living presidents and apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With portraits 1901
4965 Lizzie Lester; or, the Mormon's plot [n.d.]
4966 Ljusstrålar, Herren har besökt jorden. "Mormonismen" i sammandrag [1900]
4971 Logan temple lectures; a series of lectures delivered before the Temple School of Science during the years 1885–6 by Moses Thatcher, Jas. A. Leishman, C. W. Nibley, Jas. Z. Steward, W. H. Apperley, John E. Carlisle [1886]
4984 A long trail. Being the diary of a journey through North America. May–August, 1927 ca. 1928]
4989 The Lord's harvest, or the dawn of the twelfth hour, by one of the literal bbranches [sic] on the root of Jesse [1876]
5010 Lucifer's Lantern June 1898 – May 1900
5046 Lux. Official organ of the student body of the Big Horn Academy 1915–
5049 Lykke og ulykke, eller: Saltsoens mysterier. En smuk Historie om en ung pige, der blev forfort af Mormonerne til at reise til Saltsoen og hvad hun der oplevede. Men "Prospekt fra Saltsoen." 1865
4232b Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1857]
4223a Indbydelse til Guds Rige 1859
4232d Inbjudning till Guds Rike [1864]
4787d The Latter Day Saints (Mormons.) No. 1 ca. 1918]
4764e Latter-day judgments [1900]
4764j Latter-day judgments [1910]
4764f Latter-day judgments [1900]
4764b Latter-day judgments [1890]
8490c A story of Utah. Founded on fact [1903]
5695c My first voyage: round the world. By M. E. M 1889
9693a Wer lesen will, der lerne auch verstehen [1861]
5251 Malad Stake Messenger October 1, 1921 - September 1922
5327 Meeting for the relief of the Mormons. The meeting was organized on motion of the Hon. Judge Kane, who named as president, the Hon. John Swift, mayor [1846]
5331 Melchisedek & Aaronic Herald February 1, 1849 – April 1850
5334 Memorial addresses in honor of Dr. John R. Park, state superintendent of public intruction, delivered before the joint assembly of the legislature of the state of Utah, February 6, 1901 1901
5335 Memorial presented to Moses Thatcher by his friends as a testimonial in behalf of civil liberty and the American state as separate from the church 1896
5335a Memorial services and dedication of monument at the grave of Daniel H. Wells, Monday, May 29, 1905, at 4 o'clock p.m., City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah [1905]
5336 Men of affairs in the state of Utah. A newspaper reference work 1914
5338 Mercy—the prize of the law abiding and obedient. Justice—the claimant of the lawless and disobedient. Judgment—the reward of lawlessness and disobedience [1884]
5360 The Messenger. The monthly organ of the Latter-day Saint Sunday School, Newcastle District April 1927–[September 1930?]
5361 The Messenger. Published every two weeks by the New Zealand Mission. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints January 31, 1907 – December 29, 1915
5362 The Messenger October 1, 1925 – 1932
5363 Messenger and Advocate of the Church of Christ 1844 – 1846
5364 The Messenger of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints November 1874 – February 1877
5365 The Messenger of Truth October 1900 – April 1901
5366 Messenger to the Sightless. . . . January 1, 1912 – 1953
5368 The Meteor 1917–
5425 Minutes of the family gathering. In memory of Alexander S. Standley's 96th birthday held May 12, 1896. At the residence of W. K. Burnham, Richmond, Cache Co., Utah [1896]
5438 Modern temples illustrated. The illustrations presented herewith, forty-six in number, are copies of plates used in the work published in October, 1912, entitled "The house of the Lord" by Dr. James E. Talmage 1912?]
5460 Moral stories for little folks. For Sunday schools, primary associations and home teaching 1891
5463 More about Mormon Roberts. A description of the man and his life and some facts as to his wives. The president of the Mormon Church, although eighty-four years old, has a young helpmate and a Bab [copy torn] . . . The priests and their power [1900]
5550a Mormonism exposed. [By a Mormon slave wife] [1896]
5516 Morgenstjernen January 1, 1922 – 1925
5517 Morgenstjernen et historisk-biografisk maanedsskrift January 1882 – December 1885
5526a "A Mormon." Platform of principles of the pretended reformers of Utah [1881]
5519 The Mormon February 17, 1855 – September 19, 1857
5520 The Mormon century book; the romantic story of one hundred years' achievement, 1830–1930 1930]
5520a The Mormon century book; the romantic story of one hundred years' achievement, 1830–1930. Second edition 1930]
5521 The Mormon conspiracy! To establish an independent empire to be called the kingdom of God on earth. The conspiracy exposed by the writings, sermons and legislative acts of the prophets and apostles of the Church [1885]
5521a Mormon Disclosures!! Polygamy!!! Twenty years experience of a Mormon wife. The inner life of polygamic households laid bare. How the elders and saints entrap young women!!. . . . [1870]
5522 Mormon doctrine of polygamy, or plurality of wives examined by the author of "plain questions for Mormonites," and prize essay, "the Church of Rome opposed to the Holy Bible and the Catholic Church." 1853
5523 Mormon Expositor [1875]
5525 Mormon imposture: an exposure of the fraudulent origin of the Book of Mormon . . . 2d ed [1851]
5525a Mormon morality, revelation given to Joseph Smith-Nauvoo, July 12, 1843 [1853]
5526 Mormon petition. To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States. . . . Hence your petitioners beseech your Honorable body that all pending legislation regarding Utah may be at once stopped, and that our beloved polygamous delegate be at once given his seat in the House of Representatives. . . . [1882]
5527 The Mormon Point of View 1904
5528 Mormon politics and policy. Political and judicial acts of the Mormon authorities in San Bernardino Co., California. Proceedings of public meetings to counter-act the influence of Mormon doctrines as taught to the Indians. Reply to Mormon communications published in the Los Angeles Star, San Diego Herald, Bulletin, and Western Standard. An appeal to the freemen of San Bernardino City and County and the state of California. Preamble and platform of a new order established in the City and County of San Bernardino. Published pro bono publico by the order of United Independent Democrats of the County of San Bernardino 1856
5529 "Mormon" protest against injustice. An appeal for constitutional and religious liberty. Full report of the great mass meeting held in Salt Lake City, May 2, 1885, with the full text of the speeches and the protest and declaration of grievances. Reported by John Irvine 1885
5532 A Mormon woman's plea 1866
5533 "Mormon" women's protest. An appeal for freedom and equal rights. The ladies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints protest against the tyranny and indecency of federal officials in Utah, and against their own disfranchisement without cause. Full account of proceedings at the great mass meeting held in the theatre, Salt Lake City, Saturday, March 6, 1886 1886
5534 Mormonen Zeitung 1882
5535 La Mormona. [To J. F. Corbin, presiding elder of the El Paso district of the M. E. Church . . . South, on the Negro question] 1900
5536 La Mormona. [To J. F. Corbin, presiding elder of the El Paso district of the M. E. Church . . . South, on the Negro question] 1901
5537 Die Mormonen 1920]
5538 Mormonens Offer. Et Drama om Kaerlighed og sekterisk Fanatisme. Dette spændende og virkningsfulde Nutids-Skuespil, som belyser den af "de Sidste Dages Hellige" iværksatte hensynsløse propaganda, er en af Filmskunstens store verdens-succves'er. Den kvindelige Titelrolle, Nina Gram, unføres af Fru Clara Wieth . . . Mormonpræsten Andrew Larsson unføres af Hr. V. Psilander ca. 1912]
5539 Mormonerne. Eller de sidste dages hellige 1853
5540 Mormonerne skildret af Ikke Mormoner [1890]
5542 Mormonernes Upperstepraest Brigham Young og hans 16 koner [1870]
5543 En Mormonhistorie. I almanak eller huuskalender for de aar efter Christi fodsel 1853, som er de forste aar efter skudaar 1852
5544 Mormoniad 1858
5550b Mormonism exposed. [By a Mormon slave wife] [1896]
5546 Mormonism, a power, how and why. By a member of the Utah State S. S. Association [1910]
5547 Mormonism and the Mormonites [1850]
5548 Mormonism contrasted with the word of God [1857]
5549 Mormonism examined: a few kind words to a Mormon [1855]
5550 Mormonism exposed. By a Mormon slave wife [1896]
5549b Mormonism exposed [1884 – 1885]
5552 Mormonism: its blessings and advantages [1855?]
5553 Mormonism: its origin n.d.]
5554 Mormonism. Notice. The inhabitants of South Shields are respectfully informed that elders Wm. Budge, H. W. Naisbett, and C. W. Nibley, from Salt Lake City, will deliver addresses on the above subject. . . . [1878]
5555 Mormonism or the Bible? A question for the times. By a Cambridge clergyman [1852]
5556 Mormonism revealed. Authorative [sic] information regarding the terrors and infamies of early Mormon life, upon which the play of "100 wives" is founded [1880]
5557 Mormonism traced by the Bible and condemned 1855
5557b Mormonism unmasked, showed to be an impious imposture, and Mr. Bennett's reply answered and refuted. By A. philanthropist of Chester County 1840
5558 Mormonism unveiled. A brief expose of the doctrines and practices of the so-called "Latter-day Saints" and their Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. "Author and proprietor of the Book of Mormon." 1852
5559 Mormonismen [1854]
5560 Mormonismen och Swedenborgianismen 1854
5561 Mormonismen wederlagd of den Helige Skrifts och historiens wittnesbörd 1858
5562 Mormonismens historie tilligenmed en kort oversigt over sektens troeslaerdomme og kirkeforfatning, med 12 afbildninger 1853
5563 Mormonismens laere [1854]
5564 The Mormonites, or Latter-day Saints. A country clergyman's warning to his parishioners [1857]
5565 Mormonpigens Klage [1873]
5567 The Mormons; or, life in Utah [1872]
5650 The most complete and authentic exposure ever published of the spiritual courtship and marriages of the Mormons. The gates of hell opened, exhibiting the licentious abominations and revellings of the high priest of the Latter-day Saints, Rev. Brigham Young and his 90 wives . . . Awful fate of Martha Brotherton of Manchester [1853]
5651 The most complete and authentic exposure of the spiritual courtship and marriages of the Mormons, exhibiting the licentious abominations and revellings of Brigham Young and his 90 wives; and the vile scenes enacted by the elders . . . with their many spiritual concubines in the secret chambers of the harem; the obscenity of the priesthood, and their diabolical schemes effecting the ruin of married and single females; with other acts of imposture, crime and suffering, under the guise of religion c1855
5652 The Mountaineer August 27, 1859 – July 20, 1861
5679a Musical program. Extraordinarily fine for our soldiers, stake tabernacle, Thurs. June 13 1918?]
5665 En mundsmag paa Mormonismen i Utah. Udgivet af en forhenvaerende Mormonaeldste 1864
5667 Murder by a deputy U.S. Marshal. E. M. Dalton waylaid and assassinated in cold-blood. Sworn testimony of the eye witnesses 1886
5671 The Murdock Lever 1909–
5679 Music Echoes November 1920–
5551b Mormonism exposed. Please read, then hand to your neighbour, or mail to a friend [1890]
5693 Mutual Improvement Messenger [February 1896] – October 1931
5700 Mysteries of Mormonism. A history of the rise and progress of the notorious Latter-day Saints, from the time of Joe Smith . . . to that of Brigham Young. . . . [1858]
5710 National Exchanger January 1, 1920 – December 1921
5701 The Nachashlogian August 1860
5706 Naked Truths about Mormonism January 1888 - April 1888
5709 The national cyclopaedia of American biography, being the history of the United States as illustrated in the lives of the founders, builders, and defenders of the republic, and of men and women who are doing the work and moulding the thought of the present time, edited by distinguished biographers, selected from each state, revised and approved by the most eminent historians, scholars, and statesmen of the day 1893 –
5721 Nauvoo Expositor June 7, 1844
5722 Nauvoo Expositor [1892]
6007a Order of the day for the sixth of April, 1853, in laying the corner stones of the temple in Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory [1853]
5727 Nauvoo Neighbor May 3, 1843 – October 29, 1845
5754 Necessity of revelation [1899]
5755 Necessity of revelation [1908]
5781 Nephi's semi-centennial jubilee, 1851–1901 [1901]
5786 The New Era August 15, 1916 – November 15, 1916-
5787 The New Era October 1921–October 1922
5788 The New Era, and Herald of Zion's Watchmen January 1847 - February 1847
5790a A new heresy, entitled "The Mormonites," and by themselves, "The Latter Day Saints," has lately appeared. The following is believed to be a true account of its origin [1850]
5790 The new heresy!! An exposure of Mormonism, shewing its origin, absurdity, & impiety. A conversation between James Anxious, and his cousin Henry. Fourth edition [1842]
5797 New-York Messenger July 5, 1845 – December 29, 1845
5755a Nødvendighed for Aabenbaring [1899]
5755b Nødvendighed for Aabenbaring 1900
5859 Nogle anerkendende ord. En samling vidnesbyrd om De Sidste Dages Hellige som et folk, givne af fremragende maend i verden, som ikke er medlemmer af dette samfund. Udgivet i anledning af 75 Aarsdagen for Evangelists indforelse i Norden 1925]
5862 Nordstjärnan. Sanningen, Kunskapen, Dygden och Tron äro förenade January 3, 1877
5864 The Normal September 14, 1891 - May 25, 1894
5868 Northern Islander December 12, 1850 – June 19, 1856
5870 Northern Light May 20, 1879 – [August 15, 1879]
5871 Northern Times [February 13], 1835
5874 Notice. Messrs. John Wood and Wm. F. Karnes have just returned from the place where the Mormons who have left Nauvoo are encamped, and represent that they are in need of all kinds of clothing, materials for tents, shoes, &c. . . . September 23, 1846
5877 "Nuggets of truth." Hear ye the whole truth as to Joseph Smith's political views [1900]
5878 Nuggets of truth and gems from the speeches and letters of the leading minds of Utah (past and present) [1895]
5971 Oasis 1929–1930
5972 Objections to the Cullom anti-Mormon bill [1887]
5973a Ocean to ocean; tour of the Premierites told by wire and photo 1913?]
5975 An official proclamation written to the kings, governors and people of the earth [1879]
5976 Ogden City, Utah, picturesque and descriptive 1889
5981 The Ohio railroad guide, illustrated. Cincinnati to Erie, via Columbus and Cleveland 1854
5983 The Old Paths January–November 1922
5986 The Olive Branch July 15, 1884 – January 1885
5997 Om Mormonerne. Brev fra Snedkedsvend I . . . O . . . i Amerika til hans fader, Boelm. O . . . P . . . i jetzmark sogn, hvetbo herred, Hjorring amt (dateret Juli 8de, 1856) 1861
5999 Once a polygamist not always a polygamist [1882]
6000 One hundred choice selections. No. 17. A rare collection of oratory, sentiment, eloquence and humor, public readings, winter gatherings, social entertainments, elocutionary exercises, temperance societies, exhibitions, lyceums, &c. Designed to accompany the preceding numbers 1887
6000a The Oneida 1914–
6003 An open letter to George Q. Cannon [1880]
6004 An open letter to George Q. Cannon [1897]
6005 An open letter to the world [1893]
6006 Opinions concerning the Bible law of marriage. By one of the people. . . . 1871
6006c Order of procession and funeral services of Major General Jedediah Morgan Grant, G.S.L. City, Dec. 4, 1856 [1856]
6007 Order of procession at the funeral of the President Brigham Young, New Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, September 2d, 1877 [1877]
6008 The Order of Zion October 1918–December 1919
6010 Te Orometua [May 1897 – ]
6014 The OSA Light May 24, 1907
6023 Our Deseret Home. A monthly journal devoted to the industrial and productive interests, physical mental and moral culture and the diffusion of knowledge January 15, 1882 - August 1884
6025 Outlines of the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints n.d.]
5551c Mormonism exposed. Please read, then hand to your neighbour, or mail to a friend [1890]
5551d Mormonism exposed. There are two sides to every question. . . . [1890]
6022a Our constitutional rights and congressional privileges, containing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, Washington's farewell address, the anti-polygamy law of 1862, the Poland law of 1874, the Edmunds law of 1882, the Edmunds-Tucker law of 1887; also the instructions to registrars and the test oaths formulated by the Utah Commission, and the suggestions of the Central Committee of the People's Party 1887
5701b Några ord mot Mormonismen 1866
439h Berichte während einer Reise um die Erde 1877/78, von F. P [1880]
6076 The Palantic. A monthly journal devoted to the exposition of truth and error October 1887 – September 1888
5433c Mr. Parrot, the anti-Mormon lecturer [1862]
6161a Paul Morse, in memoriam [1906]
6205 The Pearl of Great Price n.d.]
6214 The Peep o'Day. A Salt Lake magazine of science, literature and art October 20, 1864 – November 25, 1864
6300 The People's Organ. Devoted to the imvestigation [sic] of various doctrines and beliefs; religious, moral, social, and political June 15, 1844 – July 12, 1844
6310 The peril of Mormonism [1910]
9620a Was wir glauben [1908]
6377 Picturesque Cardston and environments. A story of colonization and progress in Southern Alberta 1900
6761b Program of celebration. Salt Lake City, July 22, 23, 24, 1922. Given in honor of pioneers of 1847 1922?]
6384b Pioneer Day, also, our year of jubilee. Grand historical celebration [1880]
6385 Pioneer Day! Grand musical celebration, in the large Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 24th, 1883 1883
6386 The pioneer home ca. 1920]
6386a Pioneers' Day. Thirty-third anniversary. Jubilee and rejoicing 1880
6388 De Pionier July 1929–June 1930
6390 Plain facts for students of the Book of Mormon, with a map of the promised land [1886]
6391 Plain questions for Mormonites, by one who knows they are not saints. Second edition 1852
6394a Pledges have been broken. Church dictates in politics. Compact made by Mormon leaders with country set aside. Denver News comments upon the conditions as presented by Senator Kearns [1905]
6395 Political history of Jackson County. Biographical sketches of men who have helped to make it 1902
6399 Polygami og hvid slavehandel. Sandheden om "Mormonerne." 1914
6399b "Polygamy" a new American play ca. 1915]
6417 Portrait, genealogical and biographical record of the state of Utah. Containing biographies of many well known citizens of the past and present 1902
6758b Proceedings. At the dedication of the Joseph Smith Memorial Monument. At Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, December 23rd, 1905. With a detailed account of the journey and visits of the Centennial Memorial Party to Vermont and other places in the eastern states; also a description of the Solomon Mack Farm and account of the purchase of same [1906]
6722 Preparation News January 3, 1855 – [1856]
6757b Les principes fondamentaux de l'evangile de Jesus-Christ comme ils furent establis par lui-meme. Foi, Repentance, Bapteme, Don du St. Esprit, Autorite et Revelation [1905]
6759 Proceedings of a meeting in honor of President Heber J. Grant's 70th birthday anniversary held in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sunday, November 21st, 1926 under the auspices of Foreign Language Organizations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1926]
6760 Profestiske vidnesbyrd. Er Aabenbaring nødvendig? 1925
6761 The Program. Zion's Religio-Literary Society 1893 – 1897
6761a Program commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Sunday, December 24th, 1905 [1905]
6762 Program of the historical meeting in honor of Pres. Francis Marion Lyman, son of a Missouri pioneer. To be held January 12, 1914 at 7:30 P.M. Bishop's Building [1914]
6763 Programme for the celebration of the 4th of July, in Great Salt Lake City, 1855 [1855]
6768a Programme of the celebration of the Fourth of July, 1856, and grand military review [1856]
6765 Programme for the celebration of the Fourth of July, 1857. The eighty first anniversary of the independence of the United States of America will be celebrated in Great Salt Lake City by a grand military review and procession [1857]
6766 Programme for the grand jubilee concert, to be held in the large tabernacle, on Friday, July 24th, 1885 [1885]
6762b Programme. Funeral of President John Taylor, Salt Lake City, July 29th, 1887 [1877]
6768 Programme of exercises, rendered by a solemn assembly, on Pioneer Day, in the large tabernacle, Salt Lake City, commemorating the entrance of the pioneers into the Great Salt Lake Valley, July 24, 1847 [1866]
6769 Programme of the singing exercises for the dedication of the Manti Temple. Monday, May 21st, 1888 [1888]
6771 Prominent educators in Utah and the Mormons 1913?]
6772 The Prophet May 18, 1844 – May 24, 1845
6773 Prophwyd y Jubili, neu, Seren Y Saints. Yn cynnwys hanes sefydliad "Goruchwyliaeth cyflawner yr amseroedd," ynghyd ag erlidigaethau, merthrdod, ac alltudiaeth ei hufyddion, a'u llwyddiant July 1846 – December 1848
6774 Protest från några av Förenta staternas senatorer mot "Mormon" förföljelserna samt ett brev från präster, representerande olika Kyrkosamfund i Saltsjöstaden, Utah. . . . 1922]
69e Among the Rockies. Pictures of magnificent scenes in the Rocky Mountains c1907
3599a Glimpses in America; or, the New World as we saw it. With notices of the evangelical alliance, the Pacific Railway, and California 1875
6758a Proceedings. At the dedication of the Joseph Smith Memorial Monument. At Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, December 23rd, 1905. With a detailed account of the journey and visits of the Centennial Memorial Party to Vermont and other places in the eastern states; also a description of the Solomon Mack Farm and account of the purchase of same 1905]
6801 Quincy Daily Herald. . . . Joe and Hiran [sic] Smith are dead! [1844]
6803 Quinland; or, varieties in American life 1857
5368a Methodism priestcraft exposed: or, who is the devil in the pulpit? . . . by W. R [1854]
6813 Rally to the polls! Freemen of Pottawatamie County!! Tuesday, September 24, 1850 1850
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6861 Remarkable visions. Visions of George Washington, Newman Bulkley, S. M. Farnsworth, and C. D. Evans 1887
6862 Remarkable visions. Visions of George Washington, Newman Bulkley, S. M. Farnsworth, and C. D. Evans [1887]
6863 Remarkable visions. Visions of Stephen M. Farnsworth, George Washington and Newman Bulkley 1886
8 Der Abfall vom ursprünglichen Evangelium und dessen Wiederherstellung [1901]
9 Der Abfall vom ursprünglichen Evangelium und dessen Wiederherstellung 1902
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39 Te akatu-akaou-anga i te Ekalesia a lesu mesia ra i te Tuatau openga nei [n.d.]
40 Alberta, a complete and comprehensive description of the agricultural stock raising and mineral resources of southern Alberta, Canada. Also statistics in regard to its climate. Compiled from the latest reports 1899
52 Allen's living topics cyclopedia, supplementing all other cyclopedias. A record of recent events and of the Worlds' progress in all departments of knowledge c1897
58 The Amateur November 1877 – [July 14, 1879]
59 The American almanac and repository of useful knowledge, for the year 1838 [–1844] 1838 – 1844
63 The American Christian record: containing the history, confession of faith, and statistics of each religious denomination in the United States and Europe; a list of all clergymen with their post office address, etc, etc, etc. 1860
68 The American scrapbook; the year's golden harvest of thought and achievement c1928
7608b "Seeing Salt Lake City" being an illustrated description of a tour through Salt Lake City on the observation cars of the American Sight-Seeing Car and Coach Company [1905]
5849b No Mormon should be allowed to vote! [1893]
178 The antidote to Mormonism and infidel error. A weekly periodical. Edited by John Brindley, LL.D. June 27, 1857 – November 21, 1857
179 Anti-Mormon almanac, for 1842. Containing, besides the usual astronomical calculations, a variety of interesting and important facts, showing the treasonable tendency, and the wicked imposture of that great delusion, advocated by a sect, lately risen up in the United States, calling themselves Mormons, or Latter Day Saints; with quotations from their writings and from public document no. 189, published by order of Congress, February 15, 1841, showing that Mormonism authorizes the crimes of theft, robbery, treason, and murder; together with the number of the sect, their views, character of their leaders &c., &c. [1841]
180 Anti-Mormon slanders denied. By the Commercial Club, Salt Lake City. By the ministers of Christian Churches. By prominent business men and officials in Utah. And in the United States Senate, Washington D. C 1919]
181 Anti-polygamy Standard April 1880 – March 1883
185a Appalling disclosures! Mormon revelations, being the history of fourteen females, Emma Hale. Mrs. Hatfield. Lucy Murray. Alice Foster. Mrs. Williams. Lizzie Monroe. Marian Gage. Adeline Young. Mrs. Jones. Lady Bula. Marg. Guildford. Maud Hatfield. Rose Hatfield, Mrs. Richards. Victims of Mormon spiritual marriages! Wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters lured away from their homes, and united to the same husbands! The tragic deaths of Mrs. Hatfield and her husband, through the double marriages of their eldest and youngest daughters to Richards, the Mormon missionary; and the awful murder of Maud Hatfield, by the first Mrs. Richards, who became a maniac through jealousy and the desertion of her two babes; including the sufferings of other once happy women, entrapped by the prophets and elders of the Latter Day Saints; with their lives an [sic] crimes, from the rise of Joseph Smith, the founder of their profliga[te] church, to the dark deeds of Brigham Young, and his disciples, now carried on in their pandemonium at Utah [1857]
192 Appletons' hand-book of American travel. Western tour. Embracing eighteen through routes to the West and far West, tours of the Great Lakes and rivers, and all local routes of the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, California, and Oregon, and territories of Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Alaska. Being a complete guide to the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite Valley, Sierra Nevada, the mining regions of Utah, Nevada, etc., and other famous localities; with full descriptive sketches of the cities, towns, rivers, lakes, water-falls, mountains, hunting and fishing grounds, and all places and objects of interest within the district names 1871
197 The Arimat June 1919–July 1920
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207 Artemus Ward's Mormon entertainment. Opinions of the New York press 1865
9714a What is Mormonism? Mormon missionaries under the name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are working in this neighborhood, don't be deceived. Hear Dr. B. P. Fullerton, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Sunday, July 2, 1922 1922]
230 The Auricle of the L.D.S. Hospital Training School 1927–1930
232 The Austral Star August 20, 1929–
233 An authentic history of remarkable persons, who have attracted public attention, in various parts of the world; including a full exposure of the iniquities of the pretended Prophet Joe Smith, and of the seven degrees of the Mormon Temple; also an account of the frauds practised by Matthias the Prophet, and other religious imposters 1849
234 Authenticity of the Book of Mormon. Address delivered over radio station KSL Sunday evening, October 23, 1927. By Elder James H. Moyle 1927
235 L'autorité divine; ordonnaces nulles quand elles sont administrées sans autorité divine [1905]
236 Autumn Leaves. Published for the youth of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints January 1888 – December 1929
237 Awful disclosures of Mormonism and its mysteries [1865]
293a Bancroft's guide for travelers by railway, stage, and steam navigation in the Pacific states. . . . 1869
4048a History of Utah [1889]
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295 Baptism, how and by whom administered [1900]
295c Baptism, how and by whom administered [1910]
296 Baptism, how and by whom administered 1923?]
342 The Beacon [1925?–]
370 Bee Yee May 1921
379 Behold! The bridegroom cometh! 1929?]
452 Bibelsprängd [1893]
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525 Biography of Myron Tanner. Published by authority of the family 1907
530 Birthday reception held in the Salt Lake Temple, Friday, December 11th, 1904. In honor of President John R. Winder on the eighty-second anniversary of his birth [1904]
535 Bishop George Romney. In memoriam. Born August 14, 1831. Died February 1, 1920 [1920?]
537 O bit o tauk between two berry chaps, obeawt th' Latter-day Saints un th' Christion Magozeen, exhibition th' church us it awt to be, un so on 1848
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10012 Word of Wisdom. Tune: Beautiful river. . . . n.d.]
10012a Words of wisdom concerning the conference resolution for prohibition [1909]
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10036 Y News September 21, 1921–
10044a Yfirlysing 1911
747a The Book of Mormon ca. 1930]
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807 Brev fra en Mormonerinde. Efterretninger om den skraekkelige tilstand hvori Mormonerne leve i Saltso-staden. Bidrag til Mormonernes charakteristik. Dansk Kirke-tidende offentliggor et brev fra Saltso-staden fra en qvinde, som var falden i den Mormonske vildfarelse og reiste derover fra Egnen ved Cambridge 1885
814 Brigadier General Richard W. Young. Biographical sketch, funeral ceremonies, Resolutions of respect 1920
835 Brigham Young, or, perhaps she's on the railway [1870]
836 The "Brigham Young" songster. Containing without any exception, the best collection of stunning, bang-up, rip roaring, comic songs of the day ever published. . . . c1871
845b Brigham Young's daughter! Terrible excitement in Utah among the Mormons. A bloody struggle coming! The narrative of her escape from Salt Lake! In company with her intended husband, who, becoming disgusted with polygamy, was cut off from the Mormon Church and condemned to the vengeance of the notorious Danite band. Also, the thrilling and exciting pursuit of the fugitives across the Rocky Mountains and prairies by these miscreants [1870]
846 Brigham Young's will [1879]
855 Britannic Association refutes anti-"Mormon slanders" [1910]
856 The British and American Commercial Joint Stock Company. Capital £10,000, with power to increase the same; in shares of one pound each. Provisionally registered according to the act of Parliament 7th and 8th Vict. C. 110 [1845]
10a Der Abfall vom ursprünglichen Evangelium und dessen Wiederherstellung 1906
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1052 By the way. Sidelights on points of interest which President Harding's party will see on the trip to Zion National Park ca. 1922]
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7b Der Abfall und die Wiederherstellung des ursprünglichen Evangelium 1901
7c Der Abfall und die Wiederherstellung des ursprünglichen Evangelium 1901
8a Der Abfall vom ursprünglichen Evangelium und dessen Wiederherstellung [1901]
1084 California gold regions, with a full account of their mineral resources; how to get there, and what to take; with expenses, the time, and the various routes. With sketches of California; an account of the life, manners, and customs of the inhabitants, its history, climate, soil, productions, &c. A cheap edition for the people. . . . [1849]
1085 California; its past history; its present position; its future prospects: containing a history of the country from its colonization by the Spaniards to the present time; a sketch of its geographical and physical features and a minute and authentic account of the discovery of the gold region, and the subsequent important proceedings. Including a history of the rise, progress, and present condition of the Mormon settlements. With an appendix, containing the official reports made to the government of the United States 1850
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9266e Utah and the Mormons. A lecture, as delivered throughout Great Britain by Dr. J. E. Talmage, F.R.S.E., F.G.S. superbly illustrated with 100 superior stereopticon views. . . . Lecturer. Mr. G. W. Palmer. Operator. Mr. Robt. Anderson. Two nights only. Mechanics Hall, Victoria St., Grimsby, Thursday & Friday, Jan. 19 and 20 at 7–30 P.M. . . . [1899]
1210 Carrier's address, to the patrons of the Hancock Jeffersonian, January 1st, 1858 [1858]
1242a The celebrated Mormon bull, quack M'Mahon. . . . [1853]
1242b Celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the arrival of the pioneers in G. S. L. Valley [1862]
1244 Centennial jubilee number April 6, 1830–April 6, 1930. Salt Lake City Beobachter. [Bikuben. Utah-Posten. De Utahnederlander] [1930]
4046a History of the Mormons [1853]
1257 Charles F. Middleton, February 24th, 1834–August 3rd, 1915 1915]
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1271 Christ or Barabbas? A word on Mormonism [1850]
1284 The Church Directory Calendar 1897
1284a The Church of Christ. The gospel as it is in the Book of Mormon [1890]
7608c Seeing Salt Lake City. A description of the tour made on board the Seeing Salt Lake City cars which is conceded to be the most interesting, instructive and complete tour of its kind in all America, including, as it does, an historic lecture on a city of quaint individuality illustrated by a personal inspectio of the points described. Fourth edition 1908
3662g.5 The grand historical exhibition. Illustrating the principal events in connection with the rise and progress of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [1887]
4511b July twenty-fourth. Pioneer Day, also, our year of jubilee. Grand historical celebration 1880
7608c.5 Seeing Salt Lake City book. The curio shop [ca. 1920]
9460b Et venligt ord. (Af Ældste F. Christenson). Andet Oplag 1912]
9460c Et venligt ord 1927]
9460a Et venligt ord [1905]
2373a The churchman armed against error 1839
2474a Confidential terms to agents for Mormonism unveiled [1882]
1256g Character of the Latter-day Saints. Opinions of prominent individuals who have lived with them [1898]
1256e Character of the Latter-day Saints. Opinions of prominent individuals who have lived with them [1898]
1256f Character of the Latter-day Saints. Opinions of prominent individuals who have lived with them [1898]
9093h Union ticket. For delegate to the United States House of Representatives, John M. Bernhisel [1851]
2465c The coming book [1888]
6785b.5 Questions and answers upon the Book of Mormon [1887]
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2377 The city of the Saints. Containing views and descriptions of principal points of interest in Salt Lake City and vicinity. Also brief sketches of the history and religions of the Latter-day Saints [1890]
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2438 The Cluff family journal June 20, 1899 – September 20 1904
2467 A complete answer to the false charges of the Utah Commission. There is no union of church and state . . . "Falsehood in politics and falsehood in faith," Declarations of the Church Authorities," "Times interview with the First Presidency," editorials from the "Deseret News." [1892]
2471 Concordance and reference guide to the book of Doctrine and Covenants [1864]
2473a Conference grand concert, Monday evening, October 5, 1891, in the Tabernacle Salt Lake City. For benefit of the Deseret Sunday School Union, 700 voices, 40 instruments, 11 soloists. The whole under the direction of E. Stephens [1891]
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2480 Conversations on Mormonism. The route of the Mormon elder n.d.]
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2583 Crimes and treason of the Mormon Church exposed c1910
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3768b Haapiiraa evaneria no to Ekalesia a Iesu mesia in to Fera Mo'a i te mau Mahana Hopea nei 1895 – [1896]
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2640 Daab, der skinner i morket ca. 1926]
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2748 The Dee Crier 1927
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2763 The demoralizing doctrines and disloyal teachings of the Mormon hierarchy. The conditions of woman in polygamy 1866
2780c The Deseret alphabet [1854]
2812a Deseret Semi-Weekly News 1865 – 1922
2796 Deseret deserted; or, the last days of Brigham Young. Being a strictly business transaction in four acts and several deeds, involving both prophet and loss. By the [Moon] club. As performed at Wallack's Theatre c1858
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2815 Deseret Summer Institute; a school for teachers and other qualified applicants . . . Conducted under the auspices of the Latter-day Saints' church school system and the special supervision of the general board of examiners for church schools [1904 – ]
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2828a Diary during a tour round the world: Written and posted for my wife during absence: H. B [1874]
2828 The diamond jubilee of the coming of the Utah pioneers, July 22–23–24–1922. Salt Lake City, published by the committees [c1923]
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2969 The Doctrine and Covenants n.d.]
2970 The doctrines of the Latter-day Saints, or Mormonites [1855]
2980 Y Doniau ysbrydol ym mrawdlys y gelyn; yn cynnwys sylwadau ar ysgrifau "sylwedydd o'r gogledd," yn seren gomer (l Hydref, 1848) hyd chwefror 1849, ynghylch y "Doniau ysbrydol." Gan olygydd "Udgorn Seion." 1849
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7505b Salt Lake City, Utah. Souvenir folder 1914?]
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3035 Die Dunkelheit gewichen n.d.]
9550a Wanderings in our distant lands. A brief account of our ten months' tour dedicated, with much affection, to all my old friends 1884
3090 Early scenes in church history. Designed for the instruction and encouragement of young Latter-day Saints. Eighth book in the faith-promoting series 1882
3101 Easy roads to hell [ca. 1915]
3169 Enoch's Advocate. A temporary journal devoted to the interests of the United Order of Wooden Shoes 1874
3112 Edmunds-Tucker law, as agreed upon by Conference Committee, and adopted by the Senate and House of Representatives, and which became a law by lapse of time after being referred to the president [1887]
3113 Edward Irving and the Catholic Apostolic Church [1856]
3123 Eighty-fourth anniversary of American independence. July 4, 1860. Programme July 3, 1860
3124 Elder Abraham H. Cannon: Funeral July 26, 1896 1896
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3173 Ensign to the Nations. To gather Israel April 1851