Middle Eastern and Central Asian Women

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‘We are not barbarians’: Gender politics and Turkey’s quest for the West. Ali Bilgic Journal Article
Romance of a harem Forestier-Walker, Clarence Book, Whole 1872
The women of the Arabs. With a chapter for children ... Ed. by Rev. C. S. Robinson, D. D., & Rev. Isaac Riley Jessup, Henry Harris;Riley, Isaac;Robinson, Charles S. Book, Whole 1873
The women of the Arabs. With a chapter for children Jessup, Henry Harris Book, Whole 1873
Women of the Orient : an account of the religious, intellectual, & social condition of women in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey Houghton, Ross C. Book, Whole 1877
The women of Turkey and their folk-lore Garnett, Lucy Mary Jane;Stuart-Glennie, John S. Book, Whole 1890
Persian women : a sketch of woman's life from the cradle to the grave, and missionary work among them Yonan, Isaac Malek Book, Whole 1898
Haremlik : some pages from the life of Turkish women Vaka, Demetra;Rogers, Bruce;Shapiro Bruce Rogers Collection;Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection Book, Whole 1909
Marriage Ceremonies in Morocco Westermarck, Edward Book, Section 1914
Egyptian Women of the Past Cooper, Elizabeth Book, Section 1915
Marriage, Divorce, Polygamy Cooper, Elizabeth Book, Section 1915
The Modern Egyptian Woman Cooper, Elizabeth Book, Section 1915
The Woman of the Desert Cooper, Elizabeth Book, Section 1915
Muhammedan law of marriage and divorce Shukri, Ahmed Book, Whole 1917
Persian women & their ways; the experiences & impressions of a long sojourn amongst the women of the land of the shah, with an intimate description of their characteristics, customs & manner of living Rice, C. Colliver Book, Whole 1923
The unveiled ladies of Stamboul Vaka, Demetra Book, Whole 1923
The Turkish ordeal, being the further memoirs of Halid? Edib Ad?var, Halide Edib Book, Whole 1928
Things Mahomet did for women Crabit?s, Pierre Book, Whole 1928
Behind Moroccan walls Celari?, Henriette;Morris, Constance Lily Rothschild;Artzybasheff, Boris Book, Whole 1931
Men and women; the world journey of a sexologist Hirschfeld, Magnus;Green, Oliver P. Book, Whole 1935