Middle Eastern and Central Asian Women

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Introduction Birenbaum-Carmeli, Daphna;Inhorn, Marcia C. Book, Section 2009
Middle Eastern Masculinities in the Age of New Reproductivee Technologies: Male Infertility and Stigma in Egypt and Lebanon Inhorn, Marcia C. Book, Section 2009
The Iranian Protection Law of 1967: A Milestone in the Advance of Women's Rights Bagley, F. R. C. Book, Section 1971
Conclusion Inhorn, Marcia C. Book, Section 2008
Egypt and the Art of Revolution: Brushes with Women Badran, Margot Book, Section 2012
Iraq's Triple Challenge: State, Nation and Democracy Al-Ali, Nadje;Pratt, Nicola Book, Section 2011
Exoticism, Erasures, and Absences: The Peopling of Algiers, 1830-1900 Clancy-Smith, Julia A. Book, Section 2010
Locating Women as Migrants in a Mobile World Clancy-Smith, Julia Book, Section 2010
Men's Facial Hair in Islam: A Matter of Interpretaion Shirazi, Faegheh Book, Section 2008
Irreconcilable Differences? Shari'ah, Human Rights, and Family Code Reform in Contemporary Morocco Young, Amy Elizabeth Book, Section 2009
Marginalized, Invisible, and Unwanted: American Minority Struggles with Infertility and Assisted Conception Inhorn, Marcia C.;Ceballo, Rosario;Nachtigall, Robert Book, Section 2009
Shifting Practices and Identities: Nontraditional Relationships among Sunni Muslim Egyptians and Emiratis Hasso, Frances Book, Section 2009
Confronting 'Empire': The New Imperialism, Islamism, and Feminism Moghadam, Valentine M. Book, Section 2010
Creating Community Around Women's Rights: The Anti Sezual harassment Campaign in Egypt Rizzo, Helen Book, Section 2011
Women and Development Moghadam, Valentine M. Book, Section 2010
From Religious to American Proselytism: Mary Mills Patrick and the 'Sanctification of the Intellect' Goffman, Carolyn McCue Book, Section 2010
Marry Women of Your Choice, Two, or Three, or Four. But if You Fear that You Shall Not Be Able to Deal Justly With Them, Then Only One, ... to Prevent You From Doing Injustice. Women's Experiences of Justice and Injustice in a Polygynous Bedouin-Tribal Society Profanter, Annemarie;Cate, S. R. Book, Section 2009
Registering a Token Dower: The Multiple Meanings of a Legal Practice Moors, Annelies Book, Section 2008
The Position of Women in Israel Bar-Yosef, Rivkah;Shelach, Ilana Book, Section 1970
Nile Mother: Lillina Trasher and Egypt's Orphans Baron, Beth Book, Section 2010