Foundations of the Restoration

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The Evening and the Morning Star. Extra, Kirtland, Ohio, February, 1834. Pratt, Parley Parker; Knight, Newel; Corrill, John 1834 M205.1 Ev23 Unit 9 — Missouri; Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
Extract from the new translation of the Bible, it being the 24th chapter of Matthew; but in order to show the connection we will commence with last verse of the 23rd chapter, vix: Published for the benefit of the Saints. 1835 094 K639 1836 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST); Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
John Corrill and William Wines Phelps Letter Phelps, William Wines and Corrill, John 1835 Vault MSS 810 Series 1 Item 2 oversize 1 folder 1 Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
William Wines Phelps and John Corrill Letter Phelps, W.W. and John Corrill 1835 Vault MSS 810 Series 1 Item 5 oversize 1 folder 1 Unit 9 — Missouri; Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
A brief history of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, (commonly called Mormons;) including an account of their doctrine and discipline; with the reasons of the author for leaving the church. By John Corrill, a member of the Legislature of Missouri Corrill, John 1839 M273.2 C829c 1839 Unit 9 — Missouri No