Foundations of the Restoration

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Title Author(s) Dates Call Number Unit Has Scanned Image?
Samuel W. Richards Papers Richards, Samuel W. 1839-1909 MSS 2854 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers; Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
An apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-day Saints, was in the island of Great Britain, for the gospel's sake; and being in the spirit on the 21st of November, A.D. 1846... Pratt, Parley P. 1851 094 L846 1851 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
George Reynolds letters to Mary Ann Tuddenham Reynolds and Amelia Emily Reynolds Martain Reynolds, George 1871-1905 Vault MSS 10 Series 1 folder 32 Unit 11 — Eternal Marriage and Plural Marriage Yes