Foundations of the Restoration

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Title Author(s) Dates Call Number Unit Has Scanned Image?
Peter Crawley copyright correspondence Crawley, Peter 1828-1860 MSS 3989 Unit 2 — First Vision No
Jared Carter journal Carter, Jared 1831-1833 MSS SC 547 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
Delusions. An analysis of the Book of Mormon; with an examination of its internal and external evidences and a refutation of its pretences to divine authority. Campbell, Alexander 1832 M222.05 C152d 1832 Unit 2 — First Vision No
Wesley Perkins letters Perkins, Wesley 1832 MSS SC 637 Unit 4 — Priesthood Restoration; Unit 8 — Kirtland No
Mormonism unvailed; or a faithful account of that singular imposition and delusion, from its rise to the present time Howe, Eber D. 1834 M209 H83m 1834 Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
Timothy Sum letter Sum, Timothy 1834 MSS SC 1399 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
Memoir of the Rev. Samuel Green, late pastor of Union Church, Boston. Storrs, Richard S 1836 BX 7260 .G75 S7 1836 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
The far West: or, a tour beyond the mountains. Embracing outlines of western life and scenery; sketches of the prairies, rivers, ancient mounds, early settlements of the French, etc., etc. Flagg, Edmund 1838 F 353 .F57 1838 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
Mormonism exposed, internally and externally Bacheler, Origen 1838 M209 B123m 1838 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon No
W.D. Abernith Letter Abernith, W.D. 1841 MSS 1225 Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
The History of the Saints; or, an Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism Bennett, John Cook 1842 M209 B43h 1842 Unit 10 — Nauvoo; Unit 2 — First Vision No
Daniel McNeil letter to Joseph Smith, Jr. McNeil, Daniel 1843 Vault MSS 76 Series 1 Subseries 2 Item 2 box 1 folder 37 Unit 10 — Nauvoo Yes
A dialogue between Adam and Eve, the Lord and the Devil, called the endowment : as was acted by twelve or fifteen thousand, in secret, in the Nauvoo Temple, said to be revealed from God as a reward for building that splendid edifice, and the express objec Van Deusen, Increase McGee 1847 M209 Va28s 1847 Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
Thomas L. Kane letter to Brigham Young Kane, Thomas L. 1871 Vault MSS 792 Series 3 Subseries 7 Subseries 1 Item 10 box 15 folder 5 Unit 11 — Eternal Marriage and Plural Marriage Yes
Kate Field letters Field, Kate 1883-1887 MSS 590 Unit 2 — First Vision No
The Origin of Mormonism and Reminiscences of the Mormons in Illinois Martin, David C. 1886 MSS SC 89 Unit 2 — First Vision; Unit 10 — Nauvoo; Unit 3 — Book of Mormon; Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
Admission of Utah as a state. Polygamy and Mormonism, the foulest blot upon American civilization. The territory of Utah unfit for statehood and should wait until anti-Mormons are in the majority. Speech of Hon. Elijah A. Morse, M.C., of Massachusetts, in Morse, Elijah Addison 1893 979.202 M84 1893 Unit 13 — Continuing Revelation; Unit 11 — Eternal Marriage and Plural Marriage No
Anti-Mormon lecture notes 1918 MSS 7918 Unit 2 — First Vision No