Foundations of the Restoration

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Personal recollections of pioneer life on the mountains and plains of the great West Voorhees, Luke 1920 917.8 Vo898p Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
The Latter-day Saints' emigrants' guide; being a table of distances, showing all the springs, creeks, rivers, hills, mountains, camping places, and all other notable places, from Council Bluffs, to the valley of the Great Salt Lake... Clayton, William 1848 917.802 C47L 1848 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers Yes
Vicissitudes illustrated, in the experience of Nancy Towle, in Europe and America. Written by herself. With an appendix of letter, &c. An engraving and preface by Lorenzo Dow… Towle, Nancy 1832 920.92 T659v 1832 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
The life of David Marks, to the 26th year of his age. Including the particulars of his conversion, call to the ministry, and labours itinerant preaching for nearly eleven years. Written by himself. Marks, David 1831 922.673 M342 1831 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon No
Memoirs of a pioneer. Autobiography of George Lathrop, early Wyoming settler Lathrop, George 1929 923.9 L348m 1915 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
The Kansas region: forest, prairie, desert, mountain, vale, and river. Greene, Max 1856 978.1 G81 1856 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
Admission of Utah as a state. Polygamy and Mormonism, the foulest blot upon American civilization. The territory of Utah unfit for statehood and should wait until anti-Mormons are in the majority. Speech of Hon. Elijah A. Morse, M.C., of Massachusetts, in Morse, Elijah Addison 1893 979.202 M84 1893 Unit 13 — Continuing Revelation; Unit 11 — Eternal Marriage and Plural Marriage No
Message of the president of the United States communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, the corresponding between the judges of Utah and the attorney general or president, with reference to the legal proceedings and conditions of affai U.S. President Buchanan 1860 979.202 Un3m 1860 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
Utah and statehood. Objections considered. Simple facts plainly told. With a brief synopsis of the state constitution. By a resident of Utah 1888 979.204 R311 1888 Unit 13 — Continuing Revelation No
A striking and remarkable vision, disclosing the real and final state of man, after the period of his existence in this world, by Joseph Smith Junr, and Sidney Rigdon Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon 1838 AC 901 .A1 no.284 Unit 5 — Doctrine and Covenants No
Letter of J. C. Frémont to the editors of the National Intelligencer, communicating some general results of a recent winter expedition across the Rocky Mountains, for the survey of a route for a railroad to the Pacific. June 15, 1854.  Frémont, John Charles 1854 AC 901 .A1 no.4782 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
The Evening and the Morning Star Extra Phelps, W.W.; Whitmer, David; Whitmer, John 1834 AC 901 .A1 no.88 Unit 9 — Missouri No
A fac-simile from the Book of Abraham, No. 2 Times and Seasons 1842 AC 901 .A1a no.4403 Unit 10 — Nauvoo; Unit 6 — Book of Abraham No
An appeal from "the top of the mountains" to the people of the country to come to the support of the Constitution of the United States Lyman, Richard Roswell 1910 AC 901 .A1a no.6506 Unit 13 — Continuing Revelation No
Great commotion in Nauvoo. New Hampshire Gazette 1846 1846 AN .N43hg Unit 10 — Nauvoo Yes
The Mormon delusion Booth, Ezra 1831 AN .Ve67 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
A glance at the Mormons Weekly North American 1840 AN .W418no Unit 10 — Nauvoo; Unit 9 — Missouri; Unit 6 — Book of Abraham Yes
Wonderful Disclosures Respecting Mormonism A Narrative of the Adventures and Experience of Joseph H. Jackson in Nauvoo, Disclosing the Depths of Mormon Villainy Jackson, Joseph H. 1844 AN.W418h Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers; Unit 10 — Nauvoo Yes
Fessenden & Co.'s encyclopedia of religious knowledge: or dictionary of the Bible, theology, religious biography, all religions, ecclesiastical history, and missions . . . To which is added a missionary gazetteer . . . by Rev. B. B. Edwards . . . Edited b Brown, John Newton, editor 1835 BL 31 .E465 1835 Unit 4 — Priesthood Restoration No
World's Fair ecclesiastical history of Utah. Compiled by representatives of the religious denominations Chicago. World's Columbian Exposition. 1893. Board of Lady Managers. Utah 1893 BR 555 .U8 W67x 1893 Unit 1 — LDS Doctrine No