Foundations of the Restoration

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Title Author(s) Dates Call Number Unit Has Scanned Image?
Mormonism exposed, internally and externally Bacheler, Origen 1838 M209 B123m 1838 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon No
Plat Map of the City of Far West, Missouri 1838 Vault MSS 303 Unit 9 — Missouri No
John E. Page letter Page, John E. 1838 Vault MSS 304 Unit 9 — Missouri No
Circuit Court Recognizance Missouri. Circuit Court (5th Judicial Circuit) 1838 Vault MSS 691 Unit 9 — Missouri No
A brief history of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, (commonly called Mormons;) including an account of their doctrine and discipline; with the reasons of the author for leaving the church. By John Corrill, a member of the Legislature of Missouri Corrill, John 1839 M273.2 C829c 1839 Unit 9 — Missouri No
Daniel Colvin Letter Colvin, Daniel 1839 MSS 6040 Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
William Morgan Certificate Morgan, William 1839 MSS SC 1045 Unit 9 — Missouri No
Daviess County (Mo.) Court Order Daviess County (Mo.). Court 1839 MSS SC 1046 Unit 9 — Missouri No
I.J. Harvey Letter Harvey, I.J. 1839 MSS SC 1386 Unit 9 — Missouri No
Geauga County (Ohio) Court Record Geauga County (Ohio) 1839 MSS SC 1930 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
Sidney Rigdon letter Rigdon, Sidney 1839 MSS SC 2266 Unit 9 — Missouri No
Reed Peck Manuscript Peck, Reed 1839 MSS SC 530 Unit 9 — Missouri No
John Hunt Letter Hunt, John 1839 MSS SC 657 Unit 9 — Missouri No
Sidney Rigdon Letter to Martin Van Buren Rigdon, Sidney 1839 MSS SC 954 Item 3 folder 1 Unit 9 — Missouri No
The book of Mormon. Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. Third Edition, carefully revised by the translator Smith, Joseph 1840 M222.1 A1 1840 no.2 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon; Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
Revelations Cowdery, Oliver 1840 MSS 1146 Unit 5 — Doctrine and Covenants No
Smith Addition to Nauvoo Williams, J. Wilson 1840 Vault MSS 774 Series 3 box 1 folder 27-28 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers; Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
Time and change: a poem in blank verse. Also two odes, one for the sons of liberty, the other for the Fourth of July. By Miss Eliza R. Snow Smith, Eliza Roxcy (Snow) 1841 BX 8608 .A1a no.6109 Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
Hymns. The following lines were composed by Mrs. Mary Matthews, of Lancaster County, Pa. a member of the Church of "Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," on the gathering of the saints to the city of Nauvoo Matthews, Mary 1841 M208 A1a no.4 Unit 10 — Nauvoo No
The book of Mormon: an account written by the hand of Mormon upon the plates taken from the plates of Nephi . . . Translated by Joseph Smith, Jun. First European, from the second American edition Smith, Joseph 1841 M222.1 A1 1841 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon No