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Minuet, Scherzando, and Scherzo: The Dance Movement in Transition, 1781-1825 Russel, Tilden dissertation 1983
Special Citation, The Society of Dance History Scholars de la Torre Bueno Prize Russel, Tilden monograph 2012
Le quartier des halles Sacy, Jacques de monograph 1969
Music-hall et café-concert Sallé, André, and Philippe Chauveau monograph 1985
Dancing Women Sally Banes monograph
Les maîtres de l’opérette française: Hervé, Charles Lecocq Schneider, Louis monograph 1924
Sleeping beauty," A Legend in Progress Scholl, Tim monograph ca. 2004
Suki Schorer on Balanchine Technique Schorer, Suki monograph 1999
French Court Dance and Dance Music: a Guide to Primary Source Writings, 1643–1789 Schwartz, J.L.
Schlundt, C.L.
monograph 1987
Spectacular Realities: Early Mass Culture in Fin-de-Siècle Paris. Schwartz, Vanessa R. monograph 1998
Discovery of witchcraft Scot, Reginald monograph 1584
Sounds of the Metropolis: The Nineteenth-Century Popular Music Revolution in London, New York, Paris, and Vienna Scott, Derek B. monograph 2008
Vox Dei Scott, Thomas monograph 1623
Ballet Music: An Introduction Searle, Humphrey monograph 1958
Ballet Music: An Introduction Searle, Humphrey monograph 1972
Bohemian Paris: Culture, Politics, and the Boundaries of Bourgeois Life Seigel, Jerrold monograph 1986
Sport, Politics, and Literature in the English Renaissance Semenza, Gregory M. Colón monograph 2003
L'homme blanc. Souvenirs d’un Pierrot Séverin monograph 1929
Le music-hall français de Mayol à Julien Clerc Sevran, Pascal monograph 1978
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies Published according to the true originall copies Shakespeare, William monograph 1623
Crime in Early Modern England, 1550-1750 Sharpe, J. A. monograph 1984
Defamation and Sexual Slander in Early Modern England: The Church Courts at York Sharpe, J. A. monograph 1980
The Personal Rule of Charles I Sharpe, Kevin monograph 1996
Meanings of Manhood in Early Modern England Shepard, Alexandra monograph 2003
The example As it vvas presented by her Majesties Servants at the private house in Drury-Lane Shirley, James monograph 1637
Paradoxes of Defense 1599 Silver, George monograph 1968
Le nu au salon Silvestre, Armand monograph 1888−1897
The Character and History of the Book of Sports, 1618-1642 Slafter, Edmund F monograph 1905
The Bolshoi Theatre Ballet Slonimsky, J. monograph 1956
The Soviet Ballet Slonimsky, J., et all. monograph 1947
Siren Songs: Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Opera Smart, Mary Ann, ed. monograph 2000
The Natural History of the Ballet Girl Smith, Albert monograph 1972
The magistrates scripture Smith, Henry monograph 1591
The sermons of Maister Henrie Smith Smith, Henry monograph 1593
Sermons of the Right Reuerend Father in God Miles Smith, late Lord Bishop of Glocester Smith, Miles monograph 1632
Men & Armour for Gloucestershire in 1608 Smyth, John, comp. monograph 1980
Shakespeare, Law, and Marriage Sokol, B. J., and Mary Sokol monograph 2003
Dancing for Diaghilev Sokolova, Lydia monograph 1961
Records of Early English Drama: Shropshire. 2 vols. Somerset, J. Alan B., ed. monograph 1994
The Fragility of Modernity: Infrastructure and Everyday Life in Paris 1870−1914 Soppelsa, Pete monograph 2009
Dance in Its Time Sorell, Walter monograph 1981
Histoire pittoresque de la danse Soria, Henri de monograph 1897
Almanach des spectacles Soubies, Albert monograph 1830/31
Plays & Masques at Court during the Reigns of Elizabeth, James and Charles Steele, M. S. monograph 1926
Laud’s Laboratory: The Diocese of Bath and Wells in the Early Seventeenth Century Stieg, Margaret monograph 1982
Records of Early English Drama: Lincolnshire. 2 vols. Stokes, James, ed. monograph 2009
Records of Early English Drama: Somerset, including Bath. 2 vols. Stokes, James, ed., with Robert J. Alexander monograph 1996
A Queer History of the Ballet Stoneley, Peter monograph 2006
Choice sermons preached upon selected occasions Viz. The happinesse of peace: before K. James at Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge. The love-sick spouse: at St. Pauls Crosse. The burning light: at a visitation in Christs Church, London. The magistrates commission, or wisdome justified: before the judge Stoughton, John monograph 1640
Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest, with Notes of Their Courts Vol. 7 Strickland, Agnes monograph 1844