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The Charms of Complaisance: the Dance in England in the Early Eighteenth Century Spackman Wynne, S.
The Renaissance Dance Book: Dances from the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries. Bernard, Thomas, and Jane Gingell Monograph 1987
Evil Sisters: The Threat of Female Sexuality and the Cult of Manhood Dijkstra, Bram monograph 1996
Women in England 1500-1760: A Social History Laurence, Anne monograph 1994
Ballet Music: An Introduction Searle, Humphrey monograph 1972
The Carole: A Study of a Medieval Dance. Mullally, Robert Monograph 2011
An exposition vpon the prophet Ionah Contained in certaine sermons, preached in S. Maries church in Oxford. By George Abbot professor of diuinitie, and maister of Vniuersitie Colledge Abbot, George monograph 1600
Idols of Perversity: Fantasies of Feminine Evil in Fin-de-Siècle Culture Dijkstra, Bram monograph 1986
Apologie de la Danse by F. De Lauze 1623: A Treatise of Instruction in Dancing and Deportment Lauze, François de monograph 1952
Bohemian Paris: Culture, Politics, and the Boundaries of Bourgeois Life Seigel, Jerrold monograph 1986
Traces of Light: Absence and Presence in the Work of Loïe Fuller. Albright, Ann Cooper Monograph 2007
A Woman’s Paris: A Handbook of Every-Day Living in the French Capital Abbot, Mary monograph 1900
A History of Ballet and its Makers Lawson, J. monograph 1964
Sport, Politics, and Literature in the English Renaissance Semenza, Gregory M. Colón monograph 2003
Untwisting the Serpent: Modernism in Music, Literature, and Other Arts. Albright, Daniel Monograph 2000
The Reception of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes by Artists and intellectuals in Paris and London, 1909-1914 Acocella, Joan Ross dissertation 1984
Music and the Reformation in England, 1549-1660 le Huray, Peter monograph 1967
L'homme blanc. Souvenirs d’un Pierrot Séverin monograph 1929
Rhythmic Gesture in Mozart: ‘Le nozze di Figaro’ and ‘Don Giovanni’. Allanbrook, Wye Jamison Monograph 1983
André Levinson on Dance: Writings from Paris in the Twenties Acocella, Joan, and Lynn Garafola, eds. monograph 1991
Tudors and Stuarts: Dances of Court and Country from the time of Elizabeth I and James I Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society monograph 2007
Les origines et le destin du compositeur Louis Ganne Lechevin, Julius Marcel monograph 1974
Le music-hall français de Mayol à Julien Clerc Sevran, Pascal monograph 1978
The deuills banket described in foure sermons Adams, Thomas monograph 1614
Dances of England and France from 1450 to 1600: With their Music and Authentic Manner of Performance Dolmetsch, Mabel monograph 1949
Stravinsky in the Theatre Lederman, Minna, ed. monograph 1949
Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies Published according to the true originall copies Shakespeare, William monograph 1623
The Happiness of the Church, or, A description of those spirituall prerogatiues vvherewith Christ hath endowed her considered in some contemplations vpon part of the 12. chapter of the Hebrewes Adams, Thomas monograph 1619
Guide complet de l’étranger dans Paris Donville, E. de monograph 1878
The gallants burden Adams, Thomas monograph 1612
Princes, Pastors, and People: The Church and Religion in England, 1500-1700 Doran, Susan, and Christopher Durston monograph 2003
Ballet in Western Culture: A History of its Origins and Evolution Lee, Carol monograph 2002
Paris Modern: The Swedish Ballet, 1920-1925. Baer, Nancy Van Norman, ed. Monograph 1995
The Devil's Book: Charles I, The Book of Sports, and Puritanism in Tudor and Early Stuart England Dougall, Alistair monograph 2011
Virtue and Virtuosity: America’s Vision of the Romantic Ballet, 1827-1840 Lehman, Rhea H. dissertation 1986
Crime in Early Modern England, 1550-1750 Sharpe, J. A. monograph 1984
Rhythmic Gesture in Mozart: ‘Le nozze di Figaro’ and ‘Don Giovanni’ Allanbrook, W.J. monograph 1983
Records of Early English Drama: Cumberland/ Westmorland/ Gloucestershire Douglas, Audrey, and Peter Greenfield, eds. monograph 1986
Defamation and Sexual Slander in Early Modern England: The Church Courts at York Sharpe, J. A. monograph 1980
Dancing Women: Female Bodies on Stage. Banes, Sally Monograph 1998
Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque and American Culture Allen, Robert monograph 1991
Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olympicks Dover, Robert
Deaths aduantage little regarded, and The soules solace against sorrow Preached in two funerall sermons at Childwal in Lancashire at the buriall of Mistris Katherin Brettergh the third of Iune. 1601. The one by William Harrison, one of the preachers appointed by her. Maiestie for the countie palatin Leigh, William, and William Harrison monograph 1602
The Personal Rule of Charles I Sharpe, Kevin monograph 1996
Dance, Desire, and Anxiety in Early Twentieth-Century French Theatre. Batson, Charles R. Monograph 2005
Annalia Dubrensia. Vpon the yeerely celebration of Mr. Robert Dovers Olimpick Games vpon Cotswold-Hills Drayton, Michael, et al monograph 1636
Impressions du théâtre Lemaître, Jules monograph 1886
Women’s Work: Making Dance in Europe before 1800. Brooks, Lynn Matluck, ed. Monograph 2007
Poétique de la danse et de la danseuse à la fin du XIXe siècle Ducrey, Guy. Corps et graphies monograph 1996
The young gallants whirligigg; or Youths reakes Demonstrating the inordinate affections, absurd actions, and profuse expences, of vnbridled and affectated youth Lenton, Francis monograph 1629