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Das Corpus der ältesten französischen Tanzlyrik. Spanke, Hans Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie Article--Journal 1929
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Dancing [with/to/before/on/in/over/after/against/away from/without] the Music: Vicissitudes of Collaboration in American Postmodern Choreography. Banes, Sally Writing Dancing in the Age of Postmodernism Article--Collection 1994
‘Performing’ Gender and Status on the Dance Floor in Early Modern England Winerock, Emily F. Worth and Repute: Valuing Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Essays in Honour of Barbara Todd) book article 2011
The Origin, Function, and Status of the Office of Churchwarden, with Particular Reference to the Diocese of Ely Carlson, Eric Josef The World of Rural Dissenters book article 1995
Classical Ballet: A Discourse of Difference Daly, Ann Women and Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory journal article 1987-88
The Call of Salome: American Adaptations and Recreations of the Female Body. Simonson, Mary Women and Music Article--Journal 2007
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Dance Performance in the Late Middle Ages: A Contested Space. Nevile, Jennifer Visualizing Medieval Performance: Perspectives, Histories, Contexts Article--Collection 2008
‘Face Time—Mask Time’: The Merging and Diverging of Public and Private Space in Sixteenth-Century Dance Practices. McGinnis, Katherine Tucker Virtute et arte del danzare: Contributi di storia della danza in onore di Barbara Sparti book article 2011
A Note on the Dance of Jesus in the "Acts of John." Unnik, W. C. Van Vigiliae Christianae Article-Journal 1964
Seeds of Discontent: Dancing Manias and Medical Inquiry in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture. Engelhardt, Molly Victorian Literature and Culture Article--Journal 2007
Lyrics for Reading and Lyrics for Singing in Late Medieval France: The Development of the Dance Lyric from Adam De La Halle to Guillaume De Machaut. Earp, Lawrence The Union of Words and Music in Medieval Poetry Article--Collection 1991
Women Beware Women Middleton, Thomas Two new playes book article 1657
County Politics and a Puritan Cause Célèbre: Somerset Church-Ales, 1633 Barnes, Thomas Garden Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series journal article 1959
John Workman, Puritan Lecturer Langston, J. N. Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society journal article 1945
The Scores of La Fille Mal Gardée. Guest, Ivor, and John Lanchberry Theatre Research Article--Journal 1961
Moving Violations: Dance in the London Music Hall, 1890−1910 Koritz, Amy Theatre Journal journal article 1990
Tchaikovsky and Wagner: A Reassessment Bartlett, Rosamund Tchaikovsky and his contemporaries: A Centennial Symposium book article 1999
He’s for a jig or a tale of bawdry—’: Notes on the English Dramatic Jig Thomson, Peter, and Roger Clegg Studies in Theatre and Performance journal article 2009
The Moralization of the Dance in Elyot’s Governour Major, John M. Studies in the Renaissance journal article 1958
Topical Utopias: Radicalizing Humanism in Sixteenth-Century England Baker, David Weil Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 journal article 1996
Tanzmusik in der Kirche des Mittelalters. Spanke, Hans Studien zur lateinischen und romanischen Lyrik des Mittelalters Article--Collection 1983 [1930]
Zum Thema "Mittelalterliche Tanzlieder." Spanke, Hans Studien zur lateinischen und romanischen Lyrik des Mittelalters Article--Collection 1983 [1930]
Operatic Ballroom Scenes and the Arrival of French Social Dance in Venice Alm, I. Studi musicali book article 1996
Ballet in Stockholm during the Later 18th Century and its Relationship to Contemporary Trends on the Continent Hansell, Kathleen Kuzmick STMf book article 1984
The Institution of Christian Matrimony Erasmus, Desiderius Spiritualia and Pastoria journal article 1999
Introduction: Divo Worship Henson, Karen Special issue, The Divo and the Danseur, Cambridge Opera Journal journal article 2007
Visual Pleasures – Musical Signs: Dance at the Paris Opéra. Fauser, Annegret The South Atlantic Quarterly Article--Journal 2005
Il ballo teatrale e l’opera italiana Hansell, Kathleen Kuzmick SOI book article 1988
The Relationship between Box Office and Repertoire: A Case Study of Opera Martorella, Rosanne Sociology Quarterly journal article 1977
The Menuet Alive and Well in 1800: Four German Dance Manuals Aldrich, E. Society of Dance History Scholars VII book article 1984
On Translating Taubert: A Preliminary Report. Russell, Tilden Society of Dance History Scholars Proceedings Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland 26-29 June 2003 Article--Collection 2003
Sown in Dishonour, Raised in Glory’: Death, Ritual and Social Organization in Northern Gloucestershire, 1590-1690. Beaver, Daniel Social History journal article 1992
Co-operation and Initiatives: Elizabethan Churchwardens and the Parish Accounts of Mildenhall Craig. John S. Social History journal article 1993
The Character of an Antipuritan Haigh, Christopher Sixteenth Century Journal journal article 2004
Terpsichore Reviled: Antidance Tracts in Elizabethan England Pennino- Baskerville, Mary Sixteenth Century Journal journal article 1991
Shakespeare and the Dance Sorell, Walter Shakespeare Quarterly journal article 1957
Against the Sink-a- Pace: Sexual and Family Politics in Much Ado About Nothing Berger, Harry, Jr. Shakespeare Quarterly journal article 1982
Hands, Feet and Bottoms: Decentering the Cosmic Dance in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Howard, Skiles Shakespeare Quarterly journal article 1993
Performing Race on the Original-Practices Stage: A Call to Action Steigerwalt, Jenna Shakespeare Bulletin journal article 2009
‘A King of Thine Own Heart’: The English Reception of King James VIand I's Basilikon Doron. Doelman, James Seventeenth Century journal article 1994
The Hymn in the Acts of John: Dance as Hermeneutics. Dewey, Arthur J. Semeia Article--Journal 1986
Representing Eternity: Circular Movement in the Cloister, Round Dancing, Winding-Staircases and Dancing Angels. Kehnel, Annette and Mirjam Mencej Self-Representation of Medieval Religious Communities: The British Isles in Context Article--Collection 2009
Thou Master of the seemeliest motions Davies, Sir John The Scourge of Folly book article 1611
The Gresley Dance Collection, c.1500 Fallows, David Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle journal article 1996
Some Uses of the Dance in the French Opéra-Ballet Anthony, J.R. RMFC book article 1969
Inventory of the Dances of Jean-Baptiste Lully Ellis, M. RMFC book article 1969