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He’s for a jig or a tale of bawdry—’: Notes on the English Dramatic Jig Thomson, Peter, and Roger Clegg Studies in Theatre and Performance journal article 2009
Review of Millicent Hodson, Nijinsky's Bloomsbury Ballet: Reconstruction of the Dance and Design for Jeux. Mawer, Deborah Music & Letters Review 2010
Kenneth MacMillan: the Man and his Ballets Thorpe, E. monograph 1985
Colette’s Republic: Work, Gender, and Popular Culture in France, 1870−1914 Tilburg, Patricia A monograph 2009
The Triumph of the Flesh:’ Women, Physical Culture, and the Nude in the French Music Hall, 1904−1914 Tilburg, Patricia A Radical History Review journal article 2007
Smith, Miles (d. 1624) Tiller, John Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online edition book article 2004
Townspeople and Nation: English Urban Experiences, 1540-1640 Tittler, Robert monograph 2001
Christian Humanism and the Puritan Social Order Todd, Margo monograph 1987
Humanists, Puritans and the Spiritualized Household Todd, Margo Church History journal article 1980
Profane Pastimes and the Reformed Community: The Persistence of Popular Festivities in Early Modern Scotland Todd, Margo The Journal of British Studies journal article 2000
France 1814−1914 Tombs, Robert monograph 1996
The Art of Dancing Tomlinson, K. monograph 1735
Dance, Desire, and Anxiety in Early Twentieth-Century French Theatre. Batson, Charles R. Monograph 2005
The Ballets of Maurice Ravel: Creation and Interpretation. Mawer, Deborah Monograph 2006
Times lamentation: or An exposition on the prophet Ioel, in sundry sermons or meditations Topsell, Edward monograph 1599
Operetta: A Theatrical History Traubner, Richard monograph 2003
Jane Vieu Tsou, Judy New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers book article 1994
Anti-Calvinists: The Rise of English Arminianism, c.1590-1640 Tyacke, Nicholas monograph 1987
The combate betwixt Christ and the deuill Foure sermons vpon the temptations of Christ in the wildrenes by Sathan: wherein are to be seene the subtile sleights that the tempter vseth against the children of God, and the meanes that God hath appointed to resist him, sanctified to our vse, in the exam Udall, John monograph 1588
‘But the Shows of their Street’: Civic Pageantry and Charivari in a Somerset Town, 1607 Underdown, David Journal of British Studies journal article 2011
Fire from Heaven: Life in an English Town in the Seventeenth Century Underdown, David monograph 1992
Revel, Riot, and Rebellion: Popular Politics and Culture in England 1603-1660 Underdown, David monograph 1985
Gifford, George (1547/8-1600) Usher, Brett Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online edition book article 2004
Thornborough, John (1551?-1641) Usher, Brett Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online edition book article 2004
Balanchine's La Valse: Meanings and Implications for Ravel Studies. Mawer, Deborah Opera Quarterly Article--Journal 2006
The Modern Parisienne Uzanne, Octave monograph 1912
Basic Principles of Classical Ballet: Russian Ballet Technique. Vaganova, Agrippina monograph 1953
Circulaire explicative du précédent décret, 1864 Vaillant Recueil des lois, décrets, arrêtés, règlements, circulaires se rapportant au théâtre et aux établissements d’enseignement musical et dramatique book article 1888
Ballets de l’Opéra de Paris Vaillat, Léandre monograph 1943
Ballets de l’Opéra de Paris: Ballets dans les opéras et nouveaux ballets Vaillat, Léandre monograph 1947
La danse à l’Opéra de Paris Vaillat, Léandre monograph 1951
Invitation à la danse Vaillat, Léandre monograph 1953
Come Dance with me: a Memoir, 1898–1956 Valois, Ninette de monograph 1957
Invitation to the Ballet Valois, Ninette de monograph 1937
Dictionnaire des danseurs: Chorégraphes et maîtres de danse à Bruxelles de 1600−1830 Van Aelbrouck, Jean-Philippe monograph 1994
Medieval Instrumental Dances. McGee, Timothy J. Monograph 1989
Vie et histoire du IXe arrondissement Van Deputte, Jocelyne monograph 1986
Dancing Queen, Elizabeth I and Anna of Denmark: Dance, Masques, and the Queen’s Role van der Leeuw, Tracy Lee dissertation 2003
Frederick Ashton and his Ballets Vaughan, D. monograph 1977
Les Folies-Bergère Verheggen, Jean-Pierre monograph 1990
In Search of Dance Creators’ Biographies: The Life and Work of Henri Justamant Vettermann, Gabi Les Choses Espagnoles: Research into the Hispanomania of 19th Century Dance book article 2009
Tudor School-Boy Life: The Dialogues of Juan Luis Vives Vives, Juan Luis monograph 1908
A very frutefull and pleasant boke called the Instructio[n] of a Christen woma[n]/ made fyrst in Laten/ and dedicated vnto the quenes good grace/ by the right famous clerke mayster Lewes Uiues/ ; and turned out of Laten into Englysshe by Rycharde Hyrd Vives, Juan Luis monograph c.1529
Mariquita, An Appreciation Voirol, Sebastien Dancing Times journal article 1922
La danse au théâtre Vuillier, Gaston monograph 1898
Latimer, Hugh (c.1485-1555) Wabuda, Susan Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online edition book article 2004
From Movement to Moment: Issues of Expression, Form, and Reception in Debussy’s Jeux. McGinnis, John Cahiers Debussy Article--Journal 1998
André Messager: A Bio-Bibliography Wagstaff, John monograph 1991
Music in the English Courtly Masque 1604-1640 Walls, Peter monograph 1996
Stubbes, Philip (b. c.1555, d. in or after 1610) Walsham, Alexandra Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online edition book article 2004