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Dancing the Symphonic: Beethoven-Bochsa’s Symphonie Pastorale, 1829. Davies, James 19th Century Music Article--Journal 2012
On the Scenic Route to Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn (1942). Decker, Todd Journal of Musicology Article--Journal 2011
Madamigella de La Vallière, Appunti coreografici di Gioacchino Coluzzi (1878). La Distribuzione della scena e le indicazioni drammaturgiche, mimiche e scenotecniche del ballo. Di Tondo, Ornella Chorégraphie Article--Journal 2004
Seeing Sappho in Paris: Operatic and Choreographic Adaptations of Sapphic Lives and Myths. Dorf, Samuel N. Music and Art: International Journal for Music Iconography Article--Journal 2009
Grand Opéra - Petit Opéra: Parisian Opera and Ballet from the Restoration to the Second Empire. Everist, Mark 19th Century Music Article--Journal 2010
Visual Pleasures – Musical Signs: Dance at the Paris Opéra. Fauser, Annegret The South Atlantic Quarterly Article--Journal 2005
Forgotten Interlude: Eurhythmic Dancers at the Paris Opéra Ballet. Garafola, Lynn Dance Research Article--Journal 1995
George Antheil and the Dance. Garafola, Lynn Ballet Review Article--Journal 2001
The Scores of La Fille Mal Gardée. Guest, Ivor, and John Lanchberry Theatre Research Article--Journal 1961
A Nineteenth-Century Dancing Master at the Court of Württemberg: the Dance Notebooks of Michel St. Léon. Hammond, Sandra Noll Dance Research Article--Journal 1992
Ballroom Dancing at the Court of Louis XIV. Harris-Warrick, Rebecca EMc Article--Journal 1986
From Score into Sound: Questions of Scoring in Lully's Ballets. Harris-Warrick, Rebecca Early Music Article--Journal 1993
Choreomusical Conversations: Facing a Double Challenge. Jordan, Stephanie Dance Research Article--Journal 2011
Mark Morris Marks Purcell: Dido and Aeneas as Danced Opera. Jordan, Stephanie Dance Research Article--Journal 2011
The Passacaille in Lully's Armide: Phrase Structure in the Choreography and the Music. Karp, Judith Schwartz Early Music Article--Journal 1998
In the Footsteps of Eurydice: Gluck’s ‘Orpheus und Eurydice’ in Hellerau, 1913. Levitz, Tamara Echo: A Music-Centered Journal Article--Journal 2001
Balanchine's La Valse: Meanings and Implications for Ravel Studies. Mawer, Deborah Opera Quarterly Article--Journal 2006
From Movement to Moment: Issues of Expression, Form, and Reception in Debussy’s Jeux. McGinnis, John Cahiers Debussy Article--Journal 1998
Vaslav Nijinsky’s Notes for Jeux. McGinnis, John Musical Quarterly Article--Journal 2005
Paul Dukas’s La Péri as Interpreted by Two Balletic Collaborators. Minors, Helen Julia Opera Quarterly Article--Journal 2006
The Origins of Daphnis et Chloé (1912). Morrison, Simon 19th Century Music Article--Journal 2004
Delsartean Traces in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Odom, Selma Essays on François Delsarte. Mime Journal 2004/05 special issue. Article--Journal 2004/5
Wigman at Hellerau. Odom, Selma Ballet Review Article--Journal 1986
Debussy, ‘Jeux’: Playing with Time and Form. Pasler, Jann 19th Century Music Article--Journal 1982
‘The Great Hansen’: An Introduction to the Work of Joseph Hansen, a Forgotten European Choreographer of the Late Nineteenth Century, with a Chronology of His Ballets. Pritchard, Jane Dance Research Article--Journal 2008
Collaborative Creations for the Alhambra and the Empire. Pritchard, Jane Dance Chronicle Article--Journal 2001
The ‘Empire’ in Manchester. Pritchard, Jane Dance Research Article--Journal 1995
Musical and Choreographic Integration in Copland’s and Graham’s Appalachian Spring. Robertson, Marta Musical Quarterly Article--Journal 1999
Dialogähnliche und acktionsbezogene Musik im Ballett Sylphiden von Herman Løvenskjold und August Bournonville (1836). Rothkamm, Jörg Die Tonkunst Article--Journal 2008
Anatomy of a Dedication: Gottfried Taubert and His Dedicatee. Russell, Tilden Dance Chronicle Article--Journal 2012
Iconographic Paths to the Minuet. Russell, Tilden Musikalische Ikonographie. Hamburger Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft Article--Journal 1994
In Defense of Vom “Affect” zur “Action” (letter to the editor). Russell, Tilden Dance Chronicle Article--Journal 2008
Minuet Form and Phraseology in Recueils and Manuscript Tunebooks. Russell, Tilden The Journal of Musicology Article--Journal 1999
The Minuet According to Taubert. Russell, Tilden Dance Research Article--Journal 2006
The Unconventional Dance Minuet: Choreographies of the Menuet d'Exaudet, Russell, Tilden Acta musicologica Article--Journal 1992
Theory and Practice in Taubert: Four Readings. Russell, Tilden Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online Article--Journal 2010
Dancing the Future, Performing the Past: Isadora Duncan and Wagnerism in the American Imagination. Simonson, Mary Journal of the American Musicological Society Article--Journal 2012
The Call of Salome: American Adaptations and Recreations of the Female Body. Simonson, Mary Women and Music Article--Journal 2007
The Disappearing Danseur. Smith, Marian Cambridge Opera Journal Article--Journal 2007
What Killed Giselle? Smith, Marian Dance Chronicle Article--Journal 1990
‘As if they didn’t hear the music,’ Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mickey Mouse. White, Barbara Opera Quarterly Article--Journal 2006
On Meaning in Nutcracker. Wiley, John Roland Dance Research Article--Journal 1984
The Divo and the Danseur. Special issue on the Nineteenth- century Male Opera and Ballet Performer. Henson, Karen, ed. Cambridge Opera Journal Article--Journal 2007
Dance and Punishment. Arcangeli, Alessandro Dance Research Article--Journal 1992
Reconsidering "High Style" and "Low Style" in Medieval Song. Aubrey, Elizabeth Journal of Music Theory Article--Journal 2008
Dancing into the Divine: The Hymn of the Dance in the Acts of John . Bowe, Barbara E. Journal of Early Christian Studies Article--Journal 1999
Celestial Dance: A Search for Perfection. Carter, Françoise Syson Dance Research Article--Journal 1987
The Hymn in the Acts of John: Dance as Hermeneutics. Dewey, Arthur J. Semeia Article--Journal 1986
Genre in the Fourteenth-Century French Chanson: The Virelai and the Dance Song. Earp, Lawrence Musica Disciplina Article--Journal 1991
On and On: Repetition as Process and Pleasure in Electronic Dance Music. Garcia, Luis-Manuel Music Theory Online Article--Journal 2005