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Accession No. Song Title Arranger(s) Composer(s) Key Signature(s)
1 Someone to Watch Over Me Billy Mays G
2 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes F
3 San Fernando Valley Matty Matlock; Paul Wetstein (4-Sax) E, G
4 Take Care of You for Me D flat, C
5 Without Love F
6 Wreck of the Old 97 Henry C. Work B flat
7 How Sweet You Are Paul Wetstein B flat
8 There Goes That Song Again Gray Rains F
9 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Fascinato Palmer G
10 You're the Dream - I'm the Dreamer Al Sack A flat, B flat
11 Long Ago Paul Wetstein B flat, D
12 Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah Freddie Stulce A flat, F
13 It Ain't Necessarily So Lowell Martin F
14 You and Your Love B flat
15 You Grow Sweeter Paul Wetstein D
16 Windmill Under the Stars Rex Koury E
17 With a Song in my Heart F
18 Spring Will be a Little Late This Year Paul Wetstein E flat
19 Old Acquaintance Paul Wetstein D flat, A
20 Once in a While Fascinato Edwards A flat, A